Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The secrets of Winter

Rain… rain is soothing; rainy days are a restful stop for the soul. And thus, it has been raining here all day today, and the early morning is wrapped in a gray mist that seems to be traveling the garden’s floor in some type of mystical waves; like sleepy phantoms.

And yesterday, in the garden, the air snapped with anticipation as magic evolved in the form of gentle flakes of snow. Like an unexpected apparition—snow; out of the bosom of the air it came, silent, and soft, and slow. Big fluffy flakes danced and meandered about the garden in the form of tiny delicate clouds; like a veil from heaven, it rested in the atmosphere for just a fleeting moment before it got swallowed up by the invisible spirits of the ground. And Father Winter too—it blew and whispered enchanting words to my ears with unexpected surprises…

From where I was standing, in my kitchen, a larger shadow crossed my field of vision over the garden. I am acquainted with these swift shadows of winter. I know them by name, and silently in my heart I wait for these precious few moments with cheer anticipation. So I run to the window, and indeed, there it was—the shadow; that Northern Flicker that has been visiting my garden this winter.

Such peaceful a scene—the gentle snow, the voices and colors of winter and the birds which inhabit it—precious gifts from above that I treasure in my heart with thankfulness and quiet gratitude.

These are the secrets of winter, long in its cloudy bosom hoarded, from time to time whispered and revealed to whoever wants to listen, and see, and appreciate it.


  1. Such a great reminder to enjoy each season for what it has to offer, and beautiful photos of your birdie, it feels like the world is holding its breath in those photos!

  2. This is such a peaceful scene indeed. I love bird watching but we don't fee them because our kitty is quite the hunter. Doesn't seem fair to invite them to our yard for too long as he might get them.

  3. Oh i love these photo'S!
    greetings Heidi

  4. What a beautiful bird. I've never seen one like that before.

    You've managed to capture some wonderful photos of it.

  5. Me senti num sonho vendo essas imagens, obrigada!

  6. I so love birds. It took me a few seconds to see this beauty. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It's this kind of writing that makes me come back for more. I know you love summer, but I think your best writing comes during the gray and wet days of winter.

    I too love those little short magical moments. It's truly inspirational.

  8. Beautiful pictures. That bird is so pretty. We love bird watching and feeding the birds and then watching the squirrels trying to get their share.

    No snow here our winter has been so mild. I miss the pretty snows but don't miss having to drive to work in it.

  9. Fabulous capture and such peaceful, inspiring post..Thank You for sharing...this MAGIC !!!!..Bright Blessings

  10. Oh how cute! I am so glad you were able to catch its visit. I do have a harder time appreciating winter than I do any other season. I just do not like the cold although I do like the beauty of the snow lying on the land. xo Diana

  11. Oh what a lucky day! The Northern Flicker is such a stunning bird! I have seen them here too and it is always a rare treat.
    I am so glad you are delighting in the secrets of winter! Not long now though, and spring will be here!

  12. wonderful pictures,xxx

  13. Dear Cielo,

    What a wonderful weaver of stories you are! Your words are so rhythmical. Your thoughts seem to just dance across the page! I love your writings. What a beautiful bird! You were so lucky to capture his image! Gorgeous.

    Thank you, too, for hosting such a fun party! I really enjoy it.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  14. Such a pretty bird and lovely lovely photos...I enjoyed them...I just put my bird house in a different place and added some basket stuffing because they kept stealing it out of my wire basket I was hoping that someone would enter and make a nest...I enjoyed your photos thank you. Happy Weekend..with love Janice

  15. How wonderful you were able to capture these photographs and even better that you shared them with us!


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