Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My little life

It is exactly 5:04pm. Dinner is almost ready. I’m making garbanzo soup…

And I have noticed that outside my kitchen window is still daylight. This is good; this is very good. The sun’s arc has began growing longer and higher in the sky; which means, days are lengthening—we’re walking towards something marvelous, and in case I forget (I tend to do that often), I have discovered that all I have to do is hop over to my bloggy friend Kathy and be reminded that we are just about 63 days away from spring… yes, spring! And all these many words just to say that? Why do I go round and round words?—like a moth irrevocably drawn to a flame.

Yes, I love words; all those silent consonants, words that can either be interpreted in English while spoken in Spanish or Italian or French; words that came straight to English from Medieval Latin—go figure; and then there are long words, short words; pretty words; too complicated words and words that mean nothing, and when you use them you’re pretty much guaranteed to end all conversation and, most probably scare off a few readers from your blog as well ;) But your options are unlimited. Do I make sense? No sense at all? I understand ;)

We are expecting a cold front tonight; dropping to a chilly 17 degrees early tomorrow morning, the lowest temperatures of the new year thus far… Historically speaking, the period between January 10 and 20 brings more below-zero temperatures to our valley than any other time during the winter. I’m not looking forward to it—chilly temperatures that make your face so numbed you can’t hardly feel your nose is dripping… drip drip—winter bitter winter biting, but inside is very inviting! ;)

And I have visions of a cottage softly illuminated by the twinkling light of candles, a light snow is falling outside; a warm fire inside, the children are nestled all snug in their beds, heated blankets, wool socks and furry friends—visions of winter cozyness… you get the idea.

The wonderful smell of the aforementioned garbanzo soup is starting to draw my family to the kitchen… just in time for dinner, so I better be off now! But before I go I want to say THANK YOU for always always being here; for your comments and silent words; for being this immense part of my life and my little world. I thank YOU. Please feel the love floating away… your way.


  1. One can feel, hear, and see the love here on your beautiful blog! The photos are so beautiful! I wished I new how to make mine look like that, especially the one with the candles! Maybe one day I'll learn! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Lovely post,such sweet loving words, I can feel the affection. Your home sounds so cosy and so very warm and loving. xx happy Wednesday jeanetteann

  3. I made a crock pot of soup yesterday... vegetable soup with homemade bread!! Sure hit the spot on a cold day!! Love your bean soup....
    Stay Warm !

  4. Goodmorning Dear Friend,
    It is wonderful to catch the subtle changes in the arc of the sun - to see the possibility of the hope of spring. I was driving through a nearby town - I need to return to take pictures - but, I saw Forsythia blooming, a Redbud and some Daffodils opening - spring starts so early here - I will share more soon. I remember that kind of cold - we lived in Ohio for several years - I enjoyed the sweet silence of a freshly fallen snow - but it wasn't until May and the Peonies and Lilacs bloomed that my heart sang - don't we appreciate things more when we've had to go through rougher times -
    Your soup looks perfect for such a night as you've been having -
    Warm Georgia Hugs,

  5. Your way with words is the reason I come back to visit your beautiful blog! I can feel the love of family, home and people. I thank you for making me smile every time I visit!
    Blessings My Friend,

  6. I'm with you- I love words! All kinds of words...except the ones that spring from the gutter-those not so much. I think, then, that you are a wordsmith! That's a good thing to be~

    I can almost smell your soup and your home always tantalizes me to wangle an invitation for myself. Love coming here and visiting you- you know I do! xo Diana

  7. Hello Dear Cielo,
    The House in the Roses is always a wonderful destination - a place of true loveliness! You were one of my first inspirations to begin blogging nearly 2 years ago! Your gift with words, love for your home , family and garden shine through! Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  8. This was a lovely post, I enjoyed your photos!

  9. The photos are wonderful. The decoration of your home is really marvelous and attracts me a lot. What will you be doing in spring; will you travel to some natural places?

  10. Lovely post. BTW, I love all your words! Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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