Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The return

I’m back home... like birds flock to their nest, my soul yearns for my home whenever I’m away from it... it’s nice to be back, but I’d have to say I miss those with whom I’ve shared my heart these few couple of days—walking hand in hand; listening to the marshlands sing their evening songs...
I’m always in awe at how my garden seems to free it self from within it self and grow rampant during those few days I’m away from it... it looks thick and overgrown, with the shabby appearance of an abandoned secret garden; yet I find my heart’s content here. I wouldn’t change a thing.
I can’t complain. I like it just the way it is—if not disheveled, lush and somewhat unkempt; and if I could choose a place to live I would no doubt choose the exuberance and liveliness contain in every shade of green and every leaf...
Like flowers, memories are collected here....
Thoughts and feelings grow here as free and as natural as branches and twigs grow under the mellow September sun…
Nature is climbing, crawling; it's competing for the sky…
Nature is swallowing up my treasures; it carries them in its bosom and lull them to sleep...
It really is a mingling of new life and old life, death, rebirth, and a persisting last drop of sunshine all together in a same blossom…
And so, I’ve been tidying up this place a bit while mostly enjoying my surroundings. Enjoying each sound and scent the garden bestows... It’s past 8:00pm already and a rose-tinted sky beckons for the warmth of home; but I linger on my steps, not wanting to leave yet.
It’s so delicious—these last few hours of day. Each sound encompasses its own special intonation; an especial and magical feeling to bestow, each light is different, each moment precious. Thank you for listening; thank you for just being there, even if you prefer to remain silent—nonetheless still listening to my mumbles... I’m sure my life would lack purpose if I wasn’t able to express my feelings in words; in many words, I should say! Sometimes, when I come here and press the keys of my computer as I write my posts I like to think that I’m alone; throwing my words to the air; to the emptiness of a vast lonesome planet, where I’m the only inhabitant and nobody is listening... but I know that’s not the case... I’m not alone. Thank You for coming by!


  1. Hi Cielo,
    It is always lovely to stop by for a visit and be lulled by your lovley thoughts! I see your earthy garden dreams and am a kindered spirit:-)

  2. It's very exiting to find this blog. I don't have much to add to the conversation, but I'm right here with you. Good to see you posting.
    I'm so delighted by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book? You sure can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing - I'll keep reading.

  3. Welcome home and I'm sure your garden feels the same way about you as you do for it...

  4. I know the feeling of missing one garden. Even when Im away at work I find myself think of the garden. Your garden is looking lovely this time of the year.....Julian

  5. What a lovely post with such beautiful pictures. I'm going into hospital tomorrow; nothing serious but I was feeling quite stressed, but now I feel so much calmer. Your blog is such a tranquil place to visit. Thank you.

  6. Along among a crowd! Sometimes I feel that way too...and it is not a lonesome feeling- just one of being apart and knowing an inner self-one that you share glimpses of with others. That is the way that I always feel when I visit you here~like I have caught a peek at the real person that lies underneath the wordly trappings.

    Your garden is beautiful, as a bit of blousy, overdressed lady dressed for late summer. It makes me smile~ xo Diana

  7. Dear Cielo!
    As I'm here writing,I'm thinking how it's so good to be here in your enchanted garden... And I can say to you that you are not alone,and I'm really glad to read your sincerely words. You always make me feel in a better world, where there is no fear or sadness, and where many dreams can come true.
    Thank you,Cielo, for sharing your magical and beautiful world with us... You are an angel of peace. God bless you.

    My sweet hug for you!

  8. lovely visit with you.Enjoyed my stay. Thank you-Denise

  9. Hello Dear Friend,
    So glad you had a lovely visit. I am visiting family at the moment and thoroughly enjoying myself - missing home too -especially since my Dearest couldn't join me. Our hearts can be in two places at once I have come to find - It is wonderful that your garden greeted you with such exuberant abundance! Truly a delight! Thank you for sharing your musings and your garden!
    God Bless,


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