Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just thinking out loud

I’ve been enchanted by a little cottage sitting on a country road I take everyday. It has a large corn field for a garden. Two or three steps from the back door on a given summer day, and you’ll disappeared into a thicket of dark green corn stalks towering 10 feet, maybe 12 feet, above the ground. Truly enchanting!

I can't stand the Harry Potter movies. I can't stand anything Harry Potter.

Birds have taken over our porch… It has to do with a verdant grapevine that grows there. It’s like living inside Nature. I’m loving it… but what to do with all that poop?
I haven’t worn my Shabby Apple dress again. I don’t feel comfortable in it and I’m thinking maybe I should give it away on my blog. I’m wondering if people may see this as unethical—to give away something I have already worn. Size 10.

I love re-purpose furniture and chairs with great potential are my favorite. I like to elevate their approval rating by giving them center stage in my garden... the only problem is, they won’t last long there… as soon as the get transformed, they always end up inside the house.

The baker’s rack I use as potting table in the garden has been swallowed up by the exuberance of mid summer. It’s not mine. I cannot use it any longer, for it now belongs to a thick vine that every year grows fresh and green...

Yet, I love it! I love Nature’s mystique and the way it engulfs the simplest of thing to then gently transform them into works of art the color of its own skin...

When I was a little girl living in a forgotten little rural town in a faraway land, my sister Lissette and I used to sleep every night under a flowery canopy that pretty much looked like this...

It covered our entire bed, and it was something more of a necessity than anything else. You see, this tent was suppose to be a mosquito net to protect us from the constant mosquito bites that caused our skin to swell and itch for several days, but mosquito nets and luxuries such as that was simply out of the question back then. So when someone left us some unwanted fabric that was either too old or too ugly to be transformed into little girls' dresses, we got our canopy made. It was hot, and the humidity level under it was excruciating. I remember sweating profusely at night... yet, still smiling under our enchanted roof... a shimmering glow of pink embracing us...

May you all have an enchanted night... Breathe. Relax. Be.


  1. Lovely and enchanting last image. Beautiful photos of your garden.

  2. Always so breathtaking visiting you blog and I like that you jsut rambled today :}.

  3. Yes, give the dress away! Put my name in for it. :)

  4. Well, no Wonder you're so magical! You slept in a fairy's cocoon!

  5. Ha ha I can't stand Harry Potter either!!

  6. So you won't be visiting the Harry Potter theme park they are building in the studios where they make the film near me then? (Me neither!)

    Lovely post xx

  7. What a lovely post Cielo. Your gardens are so lush and green...I would love to tip toe through them and feel the GREEN. We don't have much that's green in our part of Kansas right now so I have thoroughly enjoyed this. Love the 'tent'. I hope you have a wonderful day...
    Maura :)

  8. What a wonderful memory of sleeping under a pink canopy!

  9. Beautiful post...love that last image especially!


  10. Every photo on your blog is exquisite! I want to know what to do about the bird poop too...a rose arch covers the front brick walk and a family of birds has taken up residence so that there is quite a build up of "white" underneath. Daily cleaning is all I know which is not very likely in my case!
    Regarding the dress, definitely give it away if it is just going to be tucked away in your closet. But maybe I'm prejudiced as I'm a 10?

  11. Sounds lovely....stunning photos as always...gosh I have missed blogging!! x0x0

  12. As always beautiful. Very enchanting. I am with you on Harry Potter.. . Don't like anything about him. You always do such lovely things. Thanks for the inspiration you give me. Hugs, Karie

  13. tu jardín es exuberante querida Cielo, bello!!!

    tuve que ir a traudcir "I can´t stand" y de verdad no te gusta harry potter??

    muchos cariños

  14. I don't know about giving away the dress but I'd take the pink chair even if you have sat in it! I love the photo of the tent, is it your tent or from some where else? I'd really love to know, it is the tent of my dreams!


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