Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and that...

Some days, I wake up craving certain colors... just like that, as I open my sleepy eyes the colors would pop out of the blue in my mind... vibrant oranges, guava pinks, dusty purples. Today, I had seafoam greens in my mind.

Have you ever noticed how certain colors tend to light up a place while others make it look dull and lifeless? Are we humans like that too?—umm, I wonder.

We bought a new Keuring coffee machine. No Clean Up and No Hassle! All you have to do is insert the pre-measured portions K-Cup and throw when finished. So I have ensemble my own little coffee shop in a corner of my kitchen…. This little coffee station gets used a lot. I should have a sign made for it that reads Sweet and Jittery! This morning I made me an awesome cup of mocha on the extra sweeter side, of course, and went to sit in the garden...

What’s awesome to you? What's awesome to me is the simplest of things like sitting out in my garden in the beautiful sunshine listening to the songs of birds, breathing the fresh air and realizing I am a part of all that is.

I’m so loving these old jars! Old discarded jars from thrift stores rescued and embellished by a touch of romance! Aren’t they lovely! They’re my favorite vases for my roses right now. Love the cottage feel they bring to every room.

Pruning day means lush bouquets… the magnificent Bonica shrub got its turn this time. So I made a bouquet for our master room out of pruned branches. Lovely! I love making tiny bouquets and setting them all over the house! Doesn't take a lot of blooms to make a space beautiful! All these gorgeous roses, even rose petals, bring in their incredible beauty and energy...

They set my heart aglow!


  1. Beautiful roses, love the "jar"vases too. They do spell romance to me as well. :) I love the vibrant blue color you used, that was my first color of choice when I moved here. Now it is pink which I have always loved, but blue comes a very close second :) I am a fellow coffeelover as well, can't live without my cuppa Joe lol.

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  2. Hi Cielo! This is so pretty and your home must just smell heavenly with all your most gorgeous roses.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. ahh Bonica is one of my favourites... but I gues my favourites list is looooonnnggg! I have a special spot that I sit out back behind my shed where no one find me with a cup of tea and where I watch the sugar birds in the sun. It is also where i have my quiet time every morn. Your nearer the heart of it all in a garden!

    Love your boquet.


  4. Hi Cielo,
    My husband was also pruning this last weekend and made me a beautiful bouquet...flowers always brighten a room along with your heart..
    Your new baby Grand-daughter is beautiful and so precious! I know how you feel, I felt the same way when my daughter had her first baby. Babies are such a blessing, I know she must fill your heart with joy and love.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. Beautiful...Beautiful Roses ! ! Lovely post.
    Have a Wonderful Evening....

  6. All your flowers are so beautiful and soothing! I love the old jars that you rescued! Just lovely and I feel all relaxed now! Thanks

  7. We love our Keurig. My hubs loves coffee, me - tea.

  8. Wow, I don't know which I like better, the embellished jars, or your gorgeous flowers! Sooo pretty!

  9. I love your colors and your still life photos! All very inspiring and yes I do wake up with colors on my mind....

  10. So beautiful. I, too, love color and I love sitting in the garden just like you with a good cup of coffee. Love the simple beauty of old jars.


  11. The roses are beautiful! I can look at pictures of roses all day. The jars are great too. I have lots of mason jars, and you have inspired me to wrap them in pretty lace and pearls! I even use my mason jars as cups to drink out of :)

  12. I love your jar idea! Your roses are fabulous. Such beautiful touches!

  13. Your roses are stunning. You are lucky to have found the jars. I have been looking for frog jars for our art studio to hold pencils and brushes. :D

    Ricki Jill

  14. Love your roses and your sweet little jars. Are the lace and pearls permanently attached? If so, how do you wash them up? Everything is so lovely, sweet and pure.

  15. THIS BLOG SETS MY HEART AGLOW! A little coffee shop in your own home. This was a great post -
    Have a pretty day!

  16. That looks great! I really like the colors you used. This post was very well written, and it also contains a lot of useful facts.

  17. Bonica?? no lo conocía, precioso!!!!!

  18. I have seen several adding turquoise to their decor and wondering - where can I place this! I have an idea- Just love color - My home is a rainbow - every color used somehow in each room! Lovely post - your roses as always such a delight!


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