Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain rain bless my friends' gardens

All of a sudden, it got really really windy this afternoon. Swish, swoosh—the sound of the wind put a spell on me. So I grabbed a blanket and went to sit on the porch to watch the leaves swirling and whirling in the garden.
The air smelled like sweet sugar cane and I could see the vanilla fragrance of the honeysuckle and lilacs dancing like ballerinas in the air. Moon flower petals were everywhere… garden fairies made head garlands with them.

Wind blowing through the trees, wind playing in the leaves turned my garden into a paradise of wonders. It was pure bliss! Rain makes me so happy! And I’m sure the garden loves it as much as I do! Right now, is so green and lush and so many wonderful amazing things are unfolding and happening before my eyes that I can hardly contain myself…

Oh there is so much here I want to show you, so many tales to tell, so much I want to share with you, but I know I would never be able to capture the true essence and beauty of what I’m seeing, and feeling, in words... I can only hope I can transmit some of this magic to you... So I’m bottling it up in a lovely blue glass bottle, an ancient turquoise color that looks like it belongs on the walls of an alchemist’s shop, and sending it your way via billowing blue-black clouds. Who knows... maybe you’ve been begging for some rain lately? Well, here you go!


  1. We are to have showers & t-storms this afternoon & then a cool down. With temps in the 90's that is hot for the northeast in mid June!!
    Loved the post!!

  2. Love you post. I love the rain too and the thunderstorms, but we have had too many this year. Right now could use some wind it is sooo hot.

  3. Great entry ~ I pray your blue bottle pours out across my garden. We are in need of rain ~ expecially since the seeds have magically finally found their way into the soil here in Upper Michigan. Thanks for thinking of us.
    'hugs from afar'

  4. this is what i call taking in the moment. moments like these are priceless. you did a wonderful job of sending your sensations over the billowing clouds.

  5. I too hope your lovely blue glass bottle comes to Texas. We haven't had rain since January 24th! We are very hot & dry,I hear. We have lived in Texas since December and are experiencing it all for the first time.
    Thanks for your wonderful post. It is always so relaxing to visit you!
    Blessings My Friend,

  6. I will join you in bottling up some rain and sending it along the way. Your words create beautiful magic to me- xo Diana

  7. Que lindo post,venir a visitarte me alegra el alma.
    Estoy organizando una fiesta virtual en mi blog,te invito a participar si es de tu agrado.

  8. Dear Cielo,
    It´s a special adventure be with you in your magic garden... It's a sweet touch for ours souls!
    I think I'm like you ... I really love to see the wind blowing and making all the leaves dance in the air... Many people cold not understand this. I believe that only with our minds openened we can see the truly beauty of the nature. But,some people only have eyes for themselves...
    Thanks,dear Cielo, for bringing some beautiful magic into our universe... For me, you are like an angel of peace.

    My brazilian hug for you!
    (from the blog "Se essa lua fosse minha")

  9. I am dancing with joy! First it was the distant rumble of thunder - then a flash of light - gray-black and blue clouds were rolling from the west...the wind began to pick up stirring branches bowed by the dry and the heat - was it your sweet blue-black bottle of magical rain coming to my parched garden? I believe so! My thirsty garden breathed a sigh of delight last night - I am most grateful!
    Kathy -
    a brief break in the Georgia Heat Wave :)

  10. Cielo,
    Thank you we are getting the rain here in the Northeast and I can hear my plants singing for joy. Nothing like a wonderful rainy day to bring out the best in my gardens.
    Hugs to you,

  11. beautiful post,great garden. i don't like rain. love background music on blog

  12. i like the music on your blog,but i can't find her on internet. can you tell me a name of song?tnx,tina


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