Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A one of a kind tea party!

A tea party is a fun way to get together with our girlfriends and enjoy different flavors of tea, delicious food and each others' company. But have you ever hosted a one of a kind tea party where not only you were the gracious hostess, but also the only invitee? Ah yes, I know about that! In fact, I just had one today. When my best friend leaves to Neverland on business trips he leaves behind a huge void. Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys seldom come by any more, and so the house feels terribly quiet and my heart can't find its contentment. So what do I do? Of course, I could always sing “All By Myself” to the tune of “Three Blind Mice” all day long, but instead, I bake one or two cakes, arrange a pretty table and throw a very special tea party for Me Myself and I! I want my guests (which mean me ;) to feel welcome, so I make sure to add thoughtful details to my fête.
It never fails... sipping a cup of tea is a delightful way to brighten anyone’s day! I don't enjoy being alone for more than 30 minutes, so I'm planning on leaving all my windows open tonight, as I'm sending a beacon of powdered sugar flowing like pollen in the wind to Neverland. Baked sweets, especially cakes have the power to call, you know! Don't believe me? When I was a little girl I could always tell when my mother wanted me home... she baked, and as she took her sweet confections out of the oven I could see the scent floating in the air calling me... All I had to do was follow it home. So I'm hoping the sweet aroma of my cakes would call on Peter Pan and bring him back home soon!

I’m joining the following friends for tea!

Tuesday Tea with Wanda Lee

Tuesday Teatime with Lady Katherine

Teatime Tuesday with Sandi

Teacup Tuesday with Martha

Teacup Tuesday with Terri

Tabletop Tuesday with Marti

Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday with Wanda Lee and Pam


  1. Beautiful, I would love to come to your tea party! Martina

  2. What a lovely tea party, Cielo! I think it is important to treat ourselves. What were you reading at your party?

  3. I love treating myself to a lovely tea - although I know how it is when our Dearests have gone for a while - I seem to wander the house when he's not here - I fill the air with music and fragrant flowers - seems to create serenity for me - I hope you have a very pleasant evening - it is almost tomorrow for me -
    God Bless<

  4. Hola cielo, muy linda tu mesa de tea
    espero que ya alla regresado tu acompanante para difrutar el tea junto a ti ojala estubiera serca para tocar tu puerta y difrutar de
    tu delicioso pastel.

  5. What a lovely tablew you've set for your "guest of honour" - yourself! The pictures are just beautiful.

  6. I enjoy having a quiet tea 'just for me' but it's much nicer to share tea with someone you love! Thank you for sharing your lovely tea table and stopping by for Tea Time. Have a delightful day.


  7. Oh my, your teascape and vignette is just stunning. Everything is gorgeous and I love the soft relaxing feel of the setting. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your personal tea party looks so relaxing! I say that with envy as I listen to my 3 year old twin boys scream while they play with their cars. :)
    xo, Amber

  9. and it's even okay if you talk to yourself, and answer yourself. But if you say 'Huh?' then maybe it's time to pour yourself another cup of tea. lol
    'hugs from afar'

  10. "Cher' Shots: I love it! ;);) Thank YOU my dear ladies! Thank you for making me smile, for being here with me, for being you! I’d give you the sun, but you already gave it to me....

    Love you all!


  11. What a beautiful thought... taking tea with thee... or me.... I love these pretty shots and the idea of solitary companionship with that still, small voice of self. What a treasure you are, Cielo, in our lives--- always bring us such beauty... Here are my best prayers for your Peter Pan to come home soon...

  12. Ah, how special is that, a tea for one. Your tea table is delicious!
    I do this too, when hubby travels.

    Nothing like the scent of fresh baked goods wafting through the air...Magic!

  13. Cielo~~~I gasp at your lovely thoughts and table with tea for thee. What a breathe of fresh air to find you.
    I followed Cher Shots as she is my sister. We follow each other everywhere...even to tea once in awhile as we live so far apart in distance but close in heart.
    Thanks for opening your door for me.

  14. Hi Cielo!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's so nice to meet you.

    I love reading about your enchanting tea party. It's so lovely. I'm looking forward to reading more about the house in the roses. I'm following you and will be back often.


  15. A wonderfully enchanting post as usual, Cielo, your tea party was lovely and gracious, fit for a fairy queen


  16. I love the story of your tea party. The roses are stunning and it's really nice that you went to so much trouble for your self. Save me some cake I am on my way ;0) (in my head any way)

    Love Dawn xx


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