Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little touch of loveliness

Ah yes, I should not be here today… weekends are reserved for special moments with family and friends, but it’s been raining all day, and the house feels very quiet. Outside the sky is blanketed by dark gray clouds and you can hear strange voices whispering, talking, shouting… It’s a wicked winter wind that’s howling this afternoon. I tried to do a little bit of spring cleaning in the garden—there’s so much to do, but nasty wind chills sent me straight to the coziness of my winter burrow; leaving me with nothing else to do but blogging… ;) These pretty pictures which I spotted in my picture file really inspire me. The colors, the petals, the ruffling loveliness imbue my heart with hope and beauty… and I hope it would do the same for you!
Be Peaceful.
Float Away. Have a most beautiful weekend My sweet friends!


  1. The warmth of the candles och sweet scent of the roses is warming my heart this chilly evening. I long for summer nights- and just want to keep the snow in my memory. Not in my garden.
    hugs elsamarianne

  2. As always, Cielo, your photos are romantic and inspiring!

  3. Oh, Cielo...your post is beautiful! Love all the roses. We are traveling and it has rained all day. I drove in rain the whole time...ugh..and it looks like more rain for the next couple of days! And cold..and UGH! I hope you have a bit of warmth this weekend..even if it is inside by the fire~ xxoo Diana

  4. These gorgeous pictures took me away from our own bleak spring day here today, with mist falling now, and snow having gone off and on all day. We are hunkering down this evening, but these pictures reminded us of what is to come soon! Thank you!

  5. The roses and the candles make me long for spring even more!!! I love the photos... I am dreaming of warmer days, too... Today was snowy and blustery... tomorrow? We can always dream! My gramma's favorite saying was: "Live in hope; die in despair." Hugs from icy Mizzou...

  6. Cielo,
    First of all, I love that you reserve weekends for family. Priceless.
    But I am selfishly glad for this post. Such beautiful images. My very favorite are the last two.

  7. Dear Cielo, thank you for posting these lovely, lovely pictures! The napkins remind me of some that my grandma had...and I so enjoy that you put your flowers (roses, yummy!) in different 'vases' like pitchers, teacups, and such. Oh, spring, you peeked out for a little while and then ran away to hide...come out, come out, wherever you are!

    Oh, and I miss the beautiful music...will it return?? I have been known to log on to your site and simply let the music play while I rest. Yes, I might be trying a tiny bit of guilt
    there ;-) I know you have 2 beautiful musics on the Hollow Woods blog.

    May your week be beautiful, peaceful and sprinkled with fun and magic.

  8. Your beautiful blog is such a sweet place to visit!
    'hugs from afar'

  9. I love the goblet you used as a tealight holder!

  10. I want to climb into all of these pictures! So beautiful and peaceful looking! I love hosting Victorian Tea Parties, collecting vintage linens and tea cups/tea pots -- there is nothing lovelier than tea with friends! Love your site!

  11. Always love visiting with you and this morning I'm relaxing to your beautiful music and gorgeous photos! The roses are just stunning. Happy Spring to you:)


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