Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Excerpts of my life...

Did you all watch the Super Bowl last Sunday? I really don’t care much for sports, but all my guys do, and so they all got together in my living room and swirled me over to my own little world... where I happily accommodated myself and delighted in all sorts of domestic bliss...

And so I cooked and baked and decided that Super Bowl Sunday was also good for ironing all that linen that I’d been deliberately hiding away from my view for some time, because I simply think that ironing linen is an onerous task one must rather forget...

Something magical must have happened during the task, though... for what do you know! All of a sudden the chore was no longer a chore at all! Ah yes, I was actually enjoying ironing!

I got so carried away that I even decided to go one step further and also ironed some of the old tablecloths... It was magic I tell you! It must have been magic!

While my lovely guys shouted and cheered for their team, I baked some delicious pumpkin bread and sat down to enjoy a bite with a steaming hot cup of tea.

Tea in my new teacup tasted different—delightfully different! For the past few months I’ve been dreaming with a teacup like this and searched almost every thrift stores in my area, until finally the other day I found this one.

I love teacups that are colored on the inside, and this one is in the most perfect shade of robin's egg blue. I only wish I could have found more than one, but one is all I need for my contentment right now. What a great satisfaction!

While I savored my tea, I was thinking how I wish I lived close to my sister Lissette... I miss my best friend, and now that we were able to spend a couple of days together in her lovely home in Florida, the longing have deepened. Are you close to your sister? Is she your best friend?

My sister Lissette and I had always been very close. When we were growing up we used to share everything from clothing to shoes to laughter to fear to Chicken Pox and rubella to the itty-bitty room we shared until the day I left my parent’s home to go to college and never came back…
I shared room with my sister since the day she was born, two years after me. I cannot picture my life growing up without Lissette always by my side. Growing up back then I never felt the need to have my own personal space, and neither of us ever asked our parents for separate rooms. There was something special, almost magical, about fading to sleep in the same room. We both represented so much comfort to each other. And we still do!
You can imagine our delight and joy those few occasions when we get to be with each other. It’s like going back to those happy days of our childhood again! We try to get together at least once every year, but sometimes this is not possible... miles and miles separate us, distance, work, family and life separate us, but that old bond is still the same as when we were growing up.
Goodness gracious me! I can't imagine what I was thinking the day we took these pictures! Do you see what I see too? Ah yes, I walked every little street and sun-drenched alley in warm and tourist-filled St. Augustine in my Eskimo boots, and never gave a single thought about it until I saw these pictures! Duh!
By the way, the most curious of things just happened this very moment. As I was typing, an impromptu of a snow storm passed through my window tossing giant fluffs of white. Tossed by wind’s whim danced the most intricate snowflakes, and I watched until a glistening blanket covered the brown earth instantly fading in the frozen wastes of the cold. Suddenly, my thoughts then turned to you--those of you who have never experienced the magic of snow and wish for it. I’m bottling some of this magic just for you! Hope you’d be awake tonight when the snow-sprites round your windows... Adios!


  1. I always enjoy visiting your blog and reading your vignettes of life. I like your sister's name and it makes sense that she has a pretty name as do you. Our sons came over so my 3 guys and I cheered on the Packers in the Super Bowl.

  2. I save my ironing for rainy days. Altho where I live now thats most days lol. But I love to do it then because is warms me and the house up. And so I just settle in for the day with my pile and iron away. I take breaks now and then.

    With the tv on and maybe even something bubbling away on the stove......it gets real cozy here. And theres something very satisfying seeing that pile of lovely laces and such available now for me to use.

  3. I love the black and white - that is a keeper!

  4. I was typing a post to you and poof..it disappeared...very strange happenings here today my dear Cielo!

    Anyway, what I said was that although I visit several blogs there are a few select ones that I read word for word...and yours is one of them. I think it is because I sense your inner beauty shining through and matching your outer beauty...that doesn't always happen.

    I am glad you enjoyed your afternoon..ironing and baking and drinking a spot of tea out of your lovely new cup. I am not a big sports fan either but living in Green Bay, WI and having Packer tickets means it is a prerequisite to at least LIKE The Packers. lol Our town is going crazy today..the schools are all out and there is a big afternoon Welcome Home Pack at Lambeau Field. I am not going but the rest of the family is...except SweetCheeks...a bit too cold for her today. She and I will toast our toes by the fire and watch Tinkerbell (again).

    I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs- Diana

  5. Hi Cielo,
    I loved your post! I have a big sister "Margo" and we also shared a room from birth until she left to go into the Army back in 72, It was very strange to have the room all to myself. We see each other about once every 6 weeks and we always have fun.
    We also had company over for the super bowl, and I spent my time in the kitchen, that was just fine with me since I'm not a football fan either.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  6. I am so fortunate to have both my sisters within an hour from me. We are the best of friends, isn't it a blessing when one has that connection with family:-)

  7. Cielo, love your post. My younger sister is my best friend. even though we live in different cities. I talk to her almost every day, sometimes even a call just to say good night.
    she sometimes says she just wants to come and sit on my couch and have me hold her hand. It is a special bond as sounds like you and your sister. hope you have a wonderful day. hugs.

  8. There is something so magical and romantic about your blog. I love visiting. Tea tastes so much better and feels so special in a nice teacup!

  9. How lovely! The pumpkin bread, special teacup, sisters!
    Things like that that make life more special.

  10. What a precious post, Cielo. I like your Eskimo boots! I long for a sister. Or a brother. I find comfort in ironing, too. Your teacup is so pretty. I love that shade of blue. I hope you have a great rest of the week. Maybe your sister can visit you soon!

    Ricki Jill

  11. So sweet! Enjoyed reading about your sister and hearing about your special relationship! Loves all your pretty linens and your new tea cup, very nice!

  12. Such a fun post Cielo...
    I like to iron because I love it when all the wrinkles disappear! hahaha, it sometimes is a chore though when I have let it pile up too much!

    My sister in law and I are best friends...and your recounting of your days with your sister remind me of when we get together. I miss her dearly, and yes, she is my best friend. My brother married her when I was just a little girl (he is 12 years older than me) and we have always had a very close bond....

    Hope all is well

  13. I so enjoyed reading this post....beautiful pictures and a sweet story...I wish my sisters very close.....

  14. Hello,
    For the first time we all watched the Super Bowl together. It was lovely - we had my daughter and her new husband over - had a memorable time!
    Love your linens and ironing can at times be therapeutic - lovely pictures with your sister! I treasure my siblings - life is fast and way too short -

  15. I don't miss my sister.
    I've never had one LOL. But how about 3 brothers, 6 nephews and 3 sons? :)
    I iron during superbowl also!
    Love your photos :)


  17. Hello Cielo,
    Now that is my kinda way to spend superbowl Sunday!
    I love ironing on a cold night, the warm steam the smell of hot cotton, so tranquil:-)
    I think your snow boots look darling, but seriously your hair... is the most beautiful hair ever, a crowning glory!!

  18. Enjoyed it all...from the sweet tea cup to the bottled snow. Here in Texas we don't see too much of the white magic.
    Thursday Heart-warming Blessings ;-)

  19. G'morn, Cielo ~ I so love ironing old linens, but that is where it ends. It is just wonderful to see the starched pieces become a wee bit shiny & how they lay so beautifully ... then to adorn them with a beautiful flower or picture upon a table ... you betcha!, love them ...

    Such a sweet write of you & your sister. Treasure these beautiful memories, closely to your heart.

    Happy Valentine's sweet friend ~
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  20. Hello, to answer your question, the house is located in Round Top Texas. That bread looks yummy. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa

  21. your linens and tableclothes are beautiful! I still hate ironing though and i'd probably did the same thing as you did if my husband is watching sport channel,not my cup of tea and i absolutely love your tea cup and glad that you enjoyed the ironing, the cake looks yummylicious! and OH!! i love the pic of you and your sister from the back, you both have such beautiful long hair!! it's a bless to have a sister and also as a best friend.

    PS: love your boots too! :)

  22. Hi Cielo,

    Of course you can participate my give away...no problem at all!! You only need to be a follower, just like the others!!!

    Warm regards, Ingrid

  23. The bread looks delightful! Perfect for tea!

  24. I think you look so pretty...who cares about the boots! They look good with the whole look. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, you're so sweet. YEAH! We're so lucky with granddaughters, they're so much fun...you'll see! Congrats on the new lil'one that's coming. God bless her and her parents.
    I love your story about your sister...my daughters are like that, though I never had a sister, I have a couple of best friends for ever! Your cake looks yumi and the plates I love! English?


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