Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It’s been very cold around here, and the crystal-like grass is wet and rigid and when I walk the frozen gardens I can hear a tinkling crackity sound like the breaking of a thousand tiny glasses under my boots. I don’t like this kind of weather. In fact, I don’t like any temperature below 50, so you can imagine my life these days in cold below 30 weather... It’s only 8 degrees this morning, and at 9:00am the sky is still dark and gloomy... where has the sun gone to, I wonder!
What is one suppose to do (or wear) on days like these to keep warm and still look stylish? Staying warm and being stylish at the same time is a hard thing to configure! I have always marveled at women who manage to look fashionable in really cold weather. I like to think of them as the “Ada” (Nicole Kidman) in the movie “Cold Mountain”; always à la mode regardless circumstances.

But warmth and style seem to run away from each other in my little world... does this happen to you too? Ah yes, I am more the hillbilly Ruby (Renée Zellweger's) type of character if you may; all wrapped up in layers of clothes, my long skirts, leg warmers, thick insulated lining mountain boots and wild frigid hair... no fashion sense whatsoever during those cold winter months!

Truth is I have the hardest of time being fashionable in weather like this... you can never be too stylish without being cold as far as I’m concern. Fuzzy warm clothing, big coats and mountain boots are just not pretty... so you become more like a bear forgetting fashion or even what’s appropriate to at least look somewhat humanoid. What can I do? Well, can I tell you a little secret? Ah yes, I rather be warm and feeling good with myself than being all fashioned up and unhappy.

All of nature is iced in mid sway and crowned with winter jewels rarer than diamonds around here. It is lovely. It is indeed a beautiful world, but for some reason I’m finding myself more and more dreaming my life away in the warmth of a sun-bathed land... can’t help it! I am a sun child!

To you, all those Winter Fairies out there--enjoy each moment winter has to offer; each jewel it has to give... and to you in the South basking in the sun--would you scoop your magic flask full of sunshine and lovely summer days, sealed it, and send it my way via the Northern Star? It would be much appreciated! ;)


  1. Well here in Texas we don't bask everyday but I did walk out to the bus yesterday in shorts..... I love your photo's some of my favorite actresses and movies.

  2. Here we feel cold at the temperature outdoors of 60, and forget fashion at that point. I go for fluffy and warm, though my fluffy grey top has cute chickadees embroidered on it, a nod to fashion.

  3. Dearest Cielo,

    It was warm in the heart of Georgia on Saturday but now it is sunny but cooler.
    Not as cold as in The Netherlands where Papa is having his 90th birthday today. Just see my post about it.
    As for staying warm in winter; warmth and feeling GOOD goes above looking fashionable while short changing yourself and probably paying with sickness. No doubt.
    Have you seen my Worldwide Giveaway for a 925/000 Silver Angel? That is posted on January 3rd or you click the button in my side bar.

    Lots of love,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. Hi Cielo,'
    First of all: 'Gelukkig Nieuwjaar'. I wish you a happy and creative year.
    Now, as for me in heavy winter time: I just look silly, on Wellington's, in an 'outdoor life' coat of which I say everytime I will discard it but keep it because it is so nice and warm. Some manage to look fashionable, but I just don't ... and watch how they ruin their leather boots which have cost the earth, will stay wet and will leave them with cold feet all day.
    The snow is alright for a short time, so is ice, but I am looking forward to spring!
    Have a happy day,

  5. Here in Virginia it was 29*F this morning and the low tonight is to be 24*F. Not very warm in this part of the South in January! We even had 5 snows in December which is nearly unheard of here unless it's January or February.

    I've stayed home today and alternated between glam flannels or sweatshirt and sweatpants. Okay, not glam at all but I'm warm and that's what counts with me, too. If you want to be really toasty, put on wool knee socks.

    Enjoy being comfy and cozy. Spring is around the corner and summer will follow spring in just another couple of blinks.


  6. Stay warm! I loved Cold Mountain!

    Happy New Year Cielo!


  7. Loved the picture of Nicole Kidman feeling the snow! Love your blog and will see you next monday!

  8. Oh it is cold here too, Cielo! Very cold...Zero cold! I am a warm weather person too...and I have to get dressed for work and wear nylons and shoes. However, even when I am cold..I REFUSE to wear those insulated quilted coats...they belong on a bed..not on a person...just my personal opinion and no offense meant to anyone. I am padded enough, thank you! xxoo Diana

  9. Aw, Cielo....I live in Alabama, and we have already seen temperatures that cold, although it was 55 degrees today. It will go downhill the rest of the week with temperatures plunging below freezing. I love the sunshine and warmth, too. I think I will just stay very busy inside my home during this long and dark month. Then we have Valentine's Day to look forward to :D

    I thought of you today because I saw an ad for Starbuck's Casi Cielo coffee. Have you tried it?

    Take care, and keep warm!

    Ricki Jill

  10. Cielo :) :)
    Yes, I would rather feel good about myself than all fashioned up and unhappy :) :) Very true words. Winter is wonderful and has it's own special aura of magic, too :) :) I hope you will experience some of that th is season :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. I await Spring with bated breath! I want the sweet perfume of new flowers, budding trees, birds chirping, and great blue skies... but then I was raised in Africa!

  12. Well here in the northeast we had an after Christmas storm of 2' of snow...a few warm days later most melted away...just in time to receive some more snow by the weekend. All this makes for a very interesting winter wardrobe!

    Beautiful images today!

  13. Here-in the south-west of Sweden, far away from the North Pole, we have the coldest in a hundred years, most snow in the country and... it´s actually rather nice by the fire. All visits outside needs putting on layers of clothes, and stylish seems a vaste of time. Remember the Micheline-man?
    hugs elsamarianne

  14. I would take warmth over fashion anytime. I love visiting here, it always warms my heart. hugs.

  15. Hello,
    Today is gray and rainy. I didn't sleep well last night so it was a perfect day for a nap -
    There were so many birds outside too. Robins looking for works, Blue Jays searching for seed and eating the orange slices I left out and the doves - my favorite. Seems when it is cold, dark and rainy - there's something still to look at and to wonder at God's creation.
    Wish I had warm southern sun for you! cuddle up!


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