Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you a fufu girl?

Are you a “fufu” girl? When it comes to home decorating, I have to say I favor the clean and light elements of a simpler decor, but I am much the girly girl type, and do love to be surrounded by beautiful things, so when I start going a little crazy with all the prettiness around this house, my husband stomps his feet and brings me back to reality... sometimes, though, that doesn’t work. It’s hard to come back to the dullness of reality. So what is one to do when enough nonsense around the house is not enough? I would head straight to the porch and keep dreaming out there... besides, is so much fun playing girly girl under the sun!

Cookies are ready, and so is tea. Would you care to join me?

I'm joining Sandi, Rhondi, Lady Katherine and Marty, at Tabletop Tusday! Come see!


  1. Just to right amount of fufu :)

  2. I am most definitely a fu-fu girl, sweetpea! In fact, I spend most of my days perfecting my "roses" whether they are painted, clay or coffee filter paper ones. It's my passions. I LOOOOOVE your photos today, chickee.... Beautiful!

  3. Lovely decorating, never enough fufu if you ask me. Roses are my favorite too. Yes I'll have some tea and pass the cookies please :)
    Happy Spring !!

  4. Hi Cielo,
    I am so ready for a girly tea party in the sun! I am definitely a fufu girl, & I love your rosey tablecloth.

  5. Hi Cielo

    What a beautiful blog you have! I came here via Grammy Girlfriend. Isn't she the sweetest thing evah?! I think so.

    I've sure enjoyed myself here. Your photos are beautiful.


  6. I am a fufu girl too!
    I love your pictures. Just lovely.
    May I have a cookie please? :)


  7. Good morning Cielo,
    I'm a fu-fu girl myself! Thank you for participating in Tea Time Tuesday once again. Your post is lovely and so soothing. All your little touches make your tea very enjoyable. I have added your link to my post and I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend.


  8. Your table is ultra-feminine and beautiful, Cielo! I would love to take tea with you at your table!

  9. Actually, I've always been a bit of a tomboy, but it's like a split personality. I adore the roses and lace in my daydream world. Does that make sense? xo,

  10. Playing girly, girl is always fun, and I would love to have tea on the porch with you.

  11. Your tan table is beautiful!!! i love your table!!!!
    So pretty your blog, Chany

  12. I love the little girl statue holding the moss. How pretty. You have lovely things.

  13. Hi Cielo
    I love your girlie girl tablesetting. It just says "Cielo" and I would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  14. I would love to join you for tea and cookies :)
    I am a fufu girl, but my house is a bit more traditional!


  15. Yes, I'm a fufu girl! I'm loving all these roses, lace, tea, etc! You always have such pretties to share with us!


  16. Hi Cielo,
    Yes in deed, I am a girly girl, but I think just the right amount.Your table is so lovely and welcoming. I will be right over!.
    Stop by when you have a chance I am having my very first 100th post give a way.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  17. I love fu fu and all of the girlie things and hubby knows better than to say one word about it to me!! LOL! Love your post today!! Gorgeous!

  18. I love the girl's bowl with moss and the fu~fu napkins. Missed ya yesterday..I posted to Blue Monday and it wasn't anything about my cottage.

  19. I love the rose very pretty. Can you ever have enough roses? I do not think so.....

    Tea would be lovely....oooh cookies, I shouldn't really, but perhaps just this once........

  20. Oh I love your girly girl. Your tea setting is gorgeous. All of the linens are beautiful and your teascape accessories and dishes are stunning. Such a beautiful display. I would love to be there joining you. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  21. Hi Cielo! The cookies, tea, and all the pretty decorations 'round the porch were lovely today! Thank you so much, as I enjoyed my visit today! It was a pleasure to meet you! ~tina

  22. Fabulous Fufu-ness at its best! Spectacular Cielo...what a beautiful daydreamy it!
    Kiki~(FuFu at heart)

  23. I aspire to be a fu-fu girl...just keep failing for the most part...
    Love your gorgeous photos!!!

  24. Fufu is so lovely! Love the lace,fabrics, and the flowers! All is just so pretty! Love joining you for Tea! Thanks for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday. I love the pitcher of flowers!

  25. Pink Roses and White Lace - So very beautiful!


  26. Everything is lovely! I bet your "fufuness" is one of the reasons your hubby married you. Down deep inside he knows this...Joan


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