Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Through the garden gate

Like light peeping through the clouds, looking at photographs of beautiful gardens—on wintry days like these—brightens the outlook of my barren garden. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the garden I’m about to show you.

There is nothing more delightful than going by a beautiful garden and be able to sneak a peek at what lies beyond the garden gates. For those who yearn to peer beyond the garden gate of this glorious garden, here is your chance! Click here to experience the serene aura of these gardens and see every treasure that is normally off limits...

Our Enchanted Garden gates are now open!

I'm also participating in "Outdoor Wednesday". Please visit Susan for more garden delights.


  1. Ohhh, Cielo ~ The Butchart Gardens are beyond description. I have never seen before or after any gardens that are as magical & breathtaking!

    TY for sharing this with everyone.

    Have a beautiful day, sweet friend ~
    Hugs ~Marydon

  2. Beautiful, beautiful flowers and gardens! I am longing to see color outside instead of just white snow. I love snow but it has worn out its' welcome!~Patti

  3. Hello Cielo... I too am anxiously awaiting Spring's arrival as I will be out at the crack of dawn in my gardens each day... I visited Butchart Gardens as a little girl when my dad was stationed at Fort Lewis Washington... we took a ferry there and I will never forget how beautiful it was... I love your photo that starts this post out as well... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Oh My Cielo.....a garden to die for.....absolutely stunning.

  5. I left a comment over there.
    Simply breathtaking gardens....


  6. How very pretty! Happy Outdoor Wednesday

  7. This is beautiful, I want to get lost here. This is my first outdoor post, I am having a blast seein all the post, thanks for sharing.

    Cha CHa

  8. This gardens are so beautiful, the COLOR, you can almost feel the sun on your shoulders! Thank You Cielo for sharing:-)

  9. Absolutely heavenly Cielo!
    Here there is falling lots of snow, it´s allready a white world and how lovely the white world looks, I want spring!! I hope the sun will come to my country, soon.
    Warm hugs, Lennu

  10. Thank you for your visit with me.
    With you it looks fantastic, the beautiful flowers in the watering can.
    I am pleased to see such beautiful pictures of so far away.

    Cordial greetings Melontha

  11. I miss my garden so much this time of the year. We have had so much snow this year too. Can't wait for the warmth of the Sun and to work in my garden again.


  12. Beautiful....heaven is a garden.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hello magical lady,
    I was thinking about you and wanted to visit. I think I picked the perfect day, because walking in a secret garden is my favorite thing to do.

    Wishing you an enchanting day.

  14. Cielo what a beautiful post. I visited BG about a dozen years ago and what an experience that was. Just amazing!

  15. So ready for spring, while it's cold it's sunny! You've made me want to spend the day outside! Thanks!


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