Monday, February 22, 2010

Sitting pretty

There was once a not so pretty chair… some people thought of it as trash, some others passed by it even without offering a merciful glance… but I saw much potential in it. Scruffy, yes, but certainly good looking! And for only $7.99 I knew I had to bring it home with me!

I don’t know what’s in an old grubby thrift store piece of furniture that attracts me so. Of course, it would have to have a twist to it to attract me. Like my old chair here! I knew it would look perfect in my cottage style bedroom. Giving an old piece of furniture new life by cleaning it, repainting it or reseating it to complement my home's character, is just fascinating. It's not only because I love the price, or because I'm trying to find ways to get back to basic living, or keeping costs down. The way I see things, is me creating beauty around my home, rather than some manufacturer. My old dining chair now reupholstered and refinished take pride of place in our master bedroom. I just can seem to get enough of it.. I love the final look, don’t ya!

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  1. Wow, Cielo, you're an inspiration. I came across a little shelf with drawers while cleaning out my shed this weekend. I almost put it in the thrift store pile, but wondered about painting it white. I think you've convinced me!

  2. Hola, Cielo, vaya cambio, la silla ha quedado realmente preciosa. Me gusta un montón la manta. Besos, Ana

  3. Hi Cielo, Your chair looks beautiful, you have given it a fine second life! I alway love your blogs so much heart! Bella

  4. Hi Cielo, I just love that you saved that pretty little and made a beautiful swan of it. It's just lovely.

  5. I wish I could see the potential in a piece of thrift store furniture. I just don't have that talent. You obviously have it, I love the chair makeover!

  6. Greetings~ ~Lovely chair redo! I love your blog.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  7. Hi Cielo!
    I like the chair makeover, it´s so beautiful.
    Warm greetings, Lennu

  8. Hi Cielo, You did a great job on the chair, it looks pretty, and it's perfect location. I'm really liking the lace curtains in the background with the scallop edge.

    Thanks so much for dropping by, it was nice hearing from you.

    Have a Lovely Evening-

  9. Hi Cielo,
    I love the chair and a great price too!

  10. Cielo,
    Your chair for $7.99 was a serendipity to say the least! Your ongoing creativity
    truly transformed it to such elegance!

  11. La idea de renovar y darle una cara a un mueble o algún objeto realmente es una gran satisfacción. Me gustó mucho como quedó la silla.

  12. Oh Cielo, esa silla luce maravillosa, con el nuevo "look" que le has dado.
    Realmente non parece la misma
    Un beso

  13. Dear Cielo,
    I`ve found you now and I`m very happy about! Your pictures and "things" are so beautiful and romantic......and like fairy tales. I will come often to visit you.
    Kind regards

  14. Very well done and lovely pictures too, you know what beauty means!

  15. Hello Cielo.

    You brought new life back into that chair. It's beautiful!

  16. Cielo...this looks fabulous! What a dramatic change...just beautiful painted such a pretty soft white. I know that chair is so happy you took it home with you. :-)

  17. I love your chair!! I would not have passed that chair by either. I love that you painted it white, me being the rosey kinda person would have used a floral on the seat!! But your choice was awesome!! I love that you choose to recycle and reuse!! I think that gives a home much more character.

  18. Congratulations, dear Cielo, it really looks great and very special! You are an artist in viewing things from the right direction! It makes special atmosphere!

  19. Beautiful makeover - I love the shape of the chair back, and the caning. Great job!

    I followed you here from Met Monday - been a busy week! lol I hope you'll swing by AtticMag and tour my home; Alabama Stone Cottage Tour.


  20. Adoro la tua sedia, è così "fatosa"! Antonia


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