Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter in the garden

My little world is currently shivering through the coldest day of the year thus far. Can you hear it? Old snow turned ice crackles under my feet, a magical shroud of deep silence has descends upon the garden, and as a faint sun sets in the horizon, trees and bushes are crowned with tiny winter jewels like diamonds.

This is dusk in the garden... this is my world before total darkness envelopes it. Wild things (most likely just birds and a cat) have left queer prints in the winter snow. I love to study them. Footprints in the snow reminds me of art, of a painting smeared upon the land and of leaving our own marks for those who wants to read the true nature of our heart. They’re all dissimilar in their uniqueness, and they all carry the distinctive nature of its creator—like art.

The darkening sky looks like a new blanket, and is to the silent land as a beautiful memento of God’s presence in nature, discovered as silently and delicately as a foot-print in the snow.


  1. I was out with my doggie this morning and saw some Bunny hippity hop prints in the snow. :)
    Very sweet.

    Beautiful post C.


  2. I Love reading your blog...it is so richly written that it always seems to take me to a faraway place, Thank you...xx

  3. I love the beauty of fresh snow before anyone walks in it! Warm hugs, Esther

  4. Hello sweet Cielo...
    Everything looks so magical. So white, so crisp and serene. You can hear the echo of your own breathing as you stand and gaze at the beautiful grounds that God has left behind.

    Gone are the leaves and the Fall air, here are the snowflakes and Winter freeze.

    Little feathered friends visit looking for fresh sips of water and food, only to find snow/ice and hard ground, and leave behind their little scratches in the snow as the move to yet another yard to search for nourishment.

    This is so beautiful Cielo, and I so love the pretty Spring pillow propped on the chair. A reminder of what was, and is now gone.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Stop by and read my new post. I think you will enjoy it.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  5. Your snow photos bring such a peaceful feeling. I like the little bird in the bird bath so patiently waiting for a sip of warm water. We have snow today as well and so cold - only 9 for a high. Thanks for sharing your lovely thought and photos.

  6. Darkness before magical light that the snow brings from its reflection. So are your pictures today! I've enjoyed them and I have finally been able to get back to reading blogs, so I have a lot of catching up to do!
    Take Care!

  7. I found your charming blog thanks to a link on Enzie at http://world-market-portraits.blogspot.com/ and I'm ever so grateful to her. I'll visit often now I've found your stunning site.
    All the very best.

  8. Thanks for stopping by. I love your winter photos!

  9. You made a snowy backyard look so magical!

  10. I always find comfort when visiting here. Thank you for your lovely blog.

  11. Hello lovely Cielo,
    Your garden photographs are beautiful as always. What I love about the garden is that the birds seem to highlight the winder's snow.

    Merry Thursday,

  12. Hi, Cielo! It is wintry here too... Be keeping warm--inside and out! :o) ((HUGS))

  13. Cielo, my sweet friend, you whisk me away on another 'dream' ... On these days when I am not feeling well, it gives me such a lift to just sit & enjoy your peaceful bliss from within. Carry me on, Cielo ...

    Gorgeous post. I always take out fresh water for the birds when it freezes so they have a drink, & keep the feeder full for them. I love just watching them.

    TY for another sweet write.
    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon

    PS Please join me on our new blog, the old one is moot this week. TY


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