Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We woke up to a world swathed in more snow. This time, however, is more ice than snow. It is windy, and tree branches in white seem to glitter. A magical glow has settled upon the land... like some mystical banquet content in its repose. I can hear, or imagine, the small critters beneath the snow; the ground moles and field mice scattering beneath their white world. What do they feel--I wonder. Do they like snow? I don’t see any snow fairy dancing in this winter wonderland, but the world certainly seems calmer, quieter, and at peace. People enjoy snowy days in different ways. Skiers, snowmobilers and boarders flock to the mountain as soon as the first flakes invade the ground, but when winds from the west whip across my garden, I yearn for the conform and warmth of my home.
I don’t know why it is, but whenever snow and ice arrives, I have this sweet urge to cozy up by a quiet window and look at this magical world outside from the warmth of my nest.

I can hear the music that frigid wind makes; its taunting melody carrying mystery and voices that remind me of laments of misery. The music of the wind is spellbinding; it makes me appreciate the warmth and coziness of home like nothing else.... I am thankful I have a safe place filled with light and warmth to call home…


  1. I am all toasty warm just thinking about curling up with a book and something hot to drink. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas, Char

  2. Good Morning Sweet Cielo...
    Oh my goodness let me sit for a while and peer out the window at the magical wonderland God has left us today. I can cover myself with the beautiful coverlet and find myself lost in this world of ice and glitter, so mystified by it all. I love your photo today. It makes me feel so warm and cozy. I love it and love you for sharing with me.

    Please pop over and sit by the fire for awhile. I would love to share my post with you.

    Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  3. I'm with you Cielo! Everyone can freeze their buns out there with their extreme winter sports...I prefer cozying up with a quilt a cup of tea, and a good book by the fireplace :)

    Merry Christmas my sweet!
    Wishing you a New Year filled with alot of Love, good Health, and as much Happiness as one year can pack in. xox

  4. Hi Cielo,
    Me too! We are getting rain showers though.Love your photos.
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas and blessings in the New Year.


  5. Hi Cielo, what a happy, fun and magical spot you have created! I will be back to visit often. Surrounding ourselves with light and natural colored objects seems the perfect way to snuggle into the softness of winter. :-)

  6. Funny...I had just finished a follow up note to your comment on my blog and it is so very much like what you just wrote. Your cup and saucer are so pretty! As I wrote to you on my blog, we are snuggling under blankets and staying inside too.

  7. What a cozy little spot to enjoy a snowy day.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  8. Hello Cielo! What a lovely place to cozy up to! I wish I could say the same, but all we look out to is cold rain (and more coming). So, I'll just look at the snow from your view!
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Cielo
    Stay war, stay safe, stay joyful.

    Happy Holidays

  10. Hi Cielo,
    how delightful to read your post today. We won't have a White Christmas where I live in Italy. On the other hand we hardly ever have snow so reading you post set me in a marvelous magical state of mind. And your place looks so cozy that I would love to curl up in that warm heaven and watch the snow fall.
    Thanks for sharing and may you and yours have a blessed Christmas

  11. Cielo! mi buena amiga! aquí estamos nosotros con calor, humedad, agobiante clima!
    Navidades diferentes? creo que no, la Navidad es una para todos, es recogimiento, unidad,familia, queridad amiga, que tengas una muy felíz Navidad!
    y que el 2010, nos traiga paz, trabajo, y muuucha energía para seguir adelante!! Muuuack!

  12. And what a beautiful cottage nest you have created to be safe and warm in! Happy Holidays, Cielo!

  13. Glad you are safe, warm and cozy.

    I can hardly wait to get home from work, and I have off until January 4.

  14. Very cozy pictures, thoughts and words. Snuggling up when it's cold outside is so lovely! A Merry Christmas to you! Hugs!!

  15. Hola querida Cielo!!
    Cómo estás? Estoy esperando terminar de ordenar mi casa desués de tantas mudanzas que tuvimos este año, porque quiero participar en tu "Show off your cottage monday"!
    Pasé para visitarte como siempre y para desearte una muy feliz navidad y un año lleno de amor, paz y salud para ti y los tuyos.
    Un gran abrazo y que Dios te bendiga siempre!

  16. Feliz Navidad para vos y tu familia Cielo!!!

    Te lo deseo con todo mi cariño

  17. The family is the most beautiful present for Christmas. I wish you a Christmas full of love!

  18. I love your home!

    I am having a blog give away - if you are interested. Stop by www.ridingaside.blogspot.com and post a comment.

  19. Merry Christmas, Cielo! All the best to you and yours.



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