Thursday, December 17, 2009


The other day, I was making the rounds at our local thrift store and found this cute little table with bamboo drawers for just $19.99—so perfect for my “cottage style” reading room upstairs, of which, by the way, I have talked about before here, and here.

Of course, I had all the intentions in the world to paint it white, and maybe even practice some antiquing techniques on it too, but then, I thought about that one room upstairs that needs some extra TLC (including some new furniture) and changed my mind.

I was thinking of painting it in a sweet Robin’s blue egg color and put it under the window with a girly lamp on it to spice up that room. Have I mentioned how I love to look at my house from outside when dusk begins to descend upon the land? I love the cozy feel and glow of a window softly lit by lamp. It’s absolutely magical!

In the mean time, until I can decide what to do with it, the table will remain here, by this wall in this corner of our family room. The picture on the back would have to come down a little bit for some symmetry, and a wicker basket must be added to the bottom shelve to match the drawers and cover the electrical cables. Other than that, the table has been dusted, cleaned and shined. I’ve explained here, how the two macho-guys living with me are totally against painted furniture. In fact, they’re totally against anything to do with thrift store Cottage Shabby Chic frilly fussy girly stuff. So you know how it goes.

They have accepted I keep the table here, but only if I leave it as it is. Of course, I can always take it upstairs (my own domain) and do as I please with it (if only I can decide what) Do you find it hard to make decisions? Having to choose has always been a real dilemma for me.

What would you have done? Leave it here as is? Take it to that "special" room of yours and paint it white? Or maybe paint it in a Robin’s blue egg color and place it by a cozy window in the guess room?

Humm, decisions decisions... if only life was just as easy as making decisions!


  1. Hi Cielo,
    I love your table just the way it is...but then again I can see it being pretty in white or robin's egg blue so I am no help at all!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Blessings for the New Year.


  2. "If in doubt, don't" is my motto, sugar. Drop by to see my Christmas tree; I think you'll love it, my sweet chick. All pink, white and roses....Squeeeeeeeal....Lovely posts this holiday season.
    xoxo and Merry Christmas,

  3. Ceilo, for now I would live with it where it is & let my heart speak to me when it is ready. The answer will come... give it time my friend. You do not HAVE to decide that today. HUGS! Charlene

  4. Hmm. Not sure. Depends on where I spent the most time. That's where it would end up!

  5. I think that just from seeing it in the pictures the wood adds warmth, the lace adds feminine touch, and it gives it an old style feeling. But as my daughter tells me you're the one who has to live with it! (I hear that a lot!)

  6. I know, I'm the same the way. I have a hard time making decisions. I think that it looks great just like it is but I would probably paint it white. I love white furniture especially when it has to do with wicker or rattan. Be sure to let us know what you decide!

    Lee Laurie

  7. Hi Cielo! I LOVE it the way it is with the accessories you adorned it with. When you get tired of, take it upstairs and paint it~It's a woman's perogative to change at will!! xoxox

  8. You have already made the best choice.

    feliz natal

  9. I do love it just where it is. I would leave it there for now, and see how you like it.

  10. Oh this is fantastic! Your ideas are great and are helping me so much! Thank you, Carol for that "It's a woman's perogative to change at will!!", that is so true! And Charlene, your "give it time, the answer will come" so wise. From reading your answers and comments, I think I should leave the table where it is and as it is... for now. We'll see then.

    Thank you, my dear friends and sisters, your friendship and comments are so valuable to me... you all make my heart sing. You're a blessing in my little world.



  11. Querida Cielo, te deseo una muy feliz navidad junto a tus seres queridos y deseo que el pròximo año traiga para ti y los tuyos muchas bendiciones, Amor, alegría, excelente salud y prosperidad en todos tus quehaceres.

    Esa mesa si fuera mía la usaría tal cual por un tiempo, luego cuando me canse de ella, la pinto a mi gusto, ese azul Robin´s egg no sè cual serà pero siempre un azul (calipso) alegra cualquier rincòn.
    Te dejo muchos abrazos cariñosos,
    María Cecilia

  12. My dear Cielo....why not leave it there for a little while......wait and see how you feel in a week or two.
    I will tell you something though my friend....whatever you do, it will be beautiful and fitting......

  13. I love it just where it is and how have a very attractive display there too. Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  14. Hola Cielo
    Espero que te encuentres muy bien, y que estas fiestas te traigan todas las cosas maravillosas que vos deseas.
    Muchos besitos


  15. Hi Cielo,

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! The table you bought is very pretty. It looks good with the old books on it and the lace tablecloth! Have a lovely weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Olá Cielo,
    Maravilhosa sua casa,simplesmente adorável,parece que entrei num livro de histórias ilustrado,apaixonei-me.
    Saúde e paz!!!

  17. Oh, if you love robin's egg blue, then paint it ! Perhaps throw a lovely cotton or burlap runner on top ? Perfection !


  18. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your table as it is. I have trouble making up my mind about things, too.

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