Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've been bird watching all morning. I can hardly relieve how sunny and clear it is for a day, late in November.

As I write, the house is being floated by tiny speaks of gold—magical rays of sun purging the usual gloominess; dancing above the once again blooming geranium...
The birds are as happy as they can be and the sky, amazingly blue and clear as it could be. I can hear my little feathered friends chirping happy songs, they’re everywhere, making the red leaves fall… While contemplating my world outside the window, I’m listening to the pure, haunting tone of the Native American flute and lush harmonies of strings of classic Nakai melodies from one of my favorite CDs. It feels so peaceful, and I’m basking in the serene atmosphere surrounding me...

Until... All of the sudden a unanimous flapping of wings... A new air, frigid and unfriendly, sweeps the garden floor… I looked around trying to find the source of the sudden tremor…. until I saw her…
“Morning”—again in my garden, again frightening my birds away…. She swiftly moves, creeping, like a reptor, so as to hide from her victims, and waits patiently amidst the silent butterfly bushes….
“Morning”, is how I’ve named my new kitty friend. As I don’t know her real name, or who she belongs to or where she comes from, she is mine... and that’s the name I’ve chosen for her…. She seems to love my garden. I’ve seen her on many occasion basking in the sunshine among the faded roses, laughing at the birds, under the bushes, or like today, suddenly emerging… from nowhere.


  1. I love the softness of the photos, taken through your window. Love, love, love that kind of a photographic soft 'look.'


  2. Those birds at the birdbath are truly lovely!

  3. Morning is a wonderful name for your new kitty cat... Shame on her for frightening those sweet birds. The photo of them at the bird bath is wonderful. You must have a heck of a ZOOOOOOOOOOM! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs~Charlene

  4. You managed to show us beautiful November day - thanks.
    Cat can not help being a cat :)

  5. Glad that you are having a great Saturday with the sun. Hope that you'll have a great Sunday too.

  6. It truly has been a lovely November. I was watching the birds early this morning while I took my puppy out to do his business. :)
    We have a cat as well. A black one named "Mysterio". Like yours, he just showed up one day and kept hanging around. We took him in and named him Mysterio because whatever his back story is, it's a mystery to us.
    Great pictures. What a lovely morning!


  7. Thanks for adding such sweet charm, calmness and thankfulness to my Sunday morning.

  8. My dear Cielo....of course she loves have breakfast dinner and tea waiting for her......

    I have several cats hunting in my garden....they are pretty and I like them but I do not like what they do to the birds.......

  9. Morning is a beautiful name for a cat -----------
    but I have never been a fan of cats, they kinda freak me out, the way they slither around and have the "look" in their eye

  10. Even tho you now have a cat~and that cat loves birds~your post has a peacefullness about it that is very calming. I happen to love love love cats, they are so smart and aware of everything, yet, I don't like what they can gather and make a meal of. Until next time, Char

  11. Hi Hon,
    So many pretty a beautiful cat though.Cats are a wonder.I wish I could have a cat but I have to many peacocks to tease the poor things...LoL.I just wanted to stop by and say hello.You have a Happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you and your family.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  12. Hi, Cielo,

    I have the exact same situation in my back yard. A strange cat stalking my birds at the birdbath and feeder, but I never thought to make a beautiful post out of it. :)


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