Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finding a new home and home in the garden

Spent all day today out in the garden... perfect weather, the perfect amount of sunshine combined with the perfect amount of shade and summer breezes; lovely and peaceful day, with a tweak of grace and grandeur.

I decided to give some of my statues a different home in the garden... 

Ms. Mermaid here was swallowed up by the tall red and pink knockout roses, so I gave her a more suitable home among the perennials where she is now shinning in her own beauty and it is much easier to see and enjoy... 

Gaia has replaced Ms. Mermaid in the birdbath... looks lovely here methinks!

And little Rascal lives under a canopy made of Snowballs and Asiatic lilies. Hope he's happy here!

In the house, fresh vases adorn serene rooms...


We're flying south tomorrow to check on some houses... I'm wearing this pretty lacey blouse with a skirt... love it!

What do you think of this house below? Fantastic wrap-around porch and hardwood floors throughout on a 3 acres of pure nature... old and plenty of character.   Definitely a must see for sure!

Finding the perfect home is not an easy thing...
so much to count into consideration!  Ayyy!  
Please say a prayer for good luck! ;)
I'll try to visit as much as I can... I'm bringing my computer with me!
See you soon!