Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roses in an enchanted garden

Spring is magical... Every time, every year!
Only four days away from the garden, and when I come back, this is what I find...
Ah yes, spring is pure magic, indeed!

Roses roses roses, indescribable gorgeous marvelous roses...

A bridge to heaven
An enchanted world

Mud on my feet,
thorns tattooing my skin,
the smell of fresh earth in my body, in my hair;
freckles galore, and then...
then there is this freshness; this glorious newness all around.

The garden is an enchanted place these days. Every hour is a new bird, a new song, a new sprout, new blossom... the soften ground, the sweet smells of things growing, life unfurling—predictable things.... unpredictable happenings—things that always, always, know how to enchant and take your breath away.

If spring is magic, then certainly the garden must be a magical place too... and I am 100% convinced that it is; that it is an enchanted place... And every spring, the sorcery begins... hocus pocus, abracadabra, trees that looked dead are suddenly laden with leaves, the flowering trees come back to life; daffodils and tulips would pop up out... it is a rebirth, a new beginning... And then the inanimate world starts to wake up...

I have so many peonies this year... plump gorgeous peonies in hot pink and pink blush... some already opened some soon to be...

Love, joy, peace, mirth and all the good vital forces are about us just as the atmosphere... The beauty here is astonishing. There is nothing out of place nothing more lovely more constant and delicate and vital... and the sound of wings... birds? Angels? Floats down to me; but else there is nothing but a great, sun-flooded garden. My little heavens on earth... for now.