Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of birds and what women over 40 should not wear

How astonishing, and fascinating, the Natural World is. And how capricious in its own right. It's been so very cold around here. Indeed, we're hitting the 1-digit degrees in the early morning, and nights are long, and dark and chilly. The sun hasn't come out in days, if not weeks, and a blanket of snow covers the land. Yet, with the cold front arrived the robins. Aren't these little creatures supposed to be the 'harbingers' of spring? Too early in the year to arrive. But they have. Hundreds, if not thousands of robins arrived in large flocks before the year's end. 

I love these little creatures.  Love birds, but the American Robin... ah.  They look more like wanderers than true migrants to me.  And I like to think of them as acrobats and ballerinas of some gypsy circus.  I laugh imagining wearing fanciful circus suits and midnight black textures and dreamy dressed and petticoats and lotus tops as they perform daring acts on the ground, under the shrubs, in the trees and roofs... a feast for your imagination for sure!

What is nature telling us, or what are the birds foreseeing that we humans cannot see, or understand? Where do the birds go to when they disappear from our view, and who brings them back, or command them to go here or there and then to appear out of nowhere in flocks of orange feathers and mystic songs? I'm truly are in total awe with birds.

And how you noticed something real real marvelous happening as well? Yes, I have. Days are lengthening! Ever so slowly they're lengthening, but they are. And as I write this post, it's already 4:57pm, and its still daylight outside. How wonderful... how amazing and wonderful this is to me! I am so anxious for bird songs, and crocuses and light and lovely mornings and warm evenings...

I read this awful thing on the Internet today about what woman over 40 should not wear, among many other things:

Hair Gadgets

Retail Retirement Age: 30

Why: Whether it’s flowery scrunchies, banana clips or your daughter’s plastic kiddie barrettes, whimsical hair accessories are not fitting for a fully grown woman.

“With Hello Kitty in your hair, you’re going to look ridiculous at your age”

Even some headbands can make for a too-young look – never use them at all past a certain age.

I am therefore offering up, that all women over the age of 30 should feel free to immediately send me all their excess hair toys that are not subtle or hair colored toned, as well as all their headbands.

You can send them to:
1234 You're Too Old Way
Kiss My Ass, VA 00000

Awful, doesn't it? Well, to whoever wrote this awful thing: Freedom lies in being yourself!


  1. Dear Madam,
    You are so right. I wear headbands and on occasion a jewel in my hair. I am often, very often complimented on my hair. I am 48. Shake the dust of critical people off your feet and hold your pretty head high and carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw throw caution to the wind and do what feels right for you. If society dictated what I should do I would have a short tight curled do...NOT for me- although I don't wear Hello Kitty anymore!;>) xo Diana

  3. I so agree with you. Fashion police. . .who do they think they are. Do whatever makes you sparkle and shine and you will feel good all the time.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~~

  4. Ah... That author must have been. A. Too young and silly to know much...b. an old fuddy duddy, uptight creature with no imagination, or c. on the verge of regretting that article when she learns how beautiful we goddesses can be!

    Especially you!

    Never dare change your wonderful, original ways. They are fresh and beautiful always.

  5. Happy New y ear, friend!


    It's a two parter and both parts are awesome in their own ways.

    I love visiting your blog, it always makes me so happy.

    I have a scrunchie in my hair.

    It isn't bright pink, but COULD be.
    You go girlfriend!

  6. I refuse to cut my hair, even though it is now (more than)50% gray, and I DO wear the sparkliest barrettes that I can find, and it makes me happy :) And, at 55 years old, I am loving the freedom that comes with age and wearing/doing as I please. Love reading your blog! Thanks for being YOU, Ceilo!

  7. I am 57 and have white shoulder length straight hair always pulled back with a headband. First, I have "too" long haie for my age and I wear Scrunchies and headbands. However I get compliments from strangers all of the time. We are who we are. Enjoy it.

  8. I´m not commenting much on your blog but I must say, I love it, really!
    What concerns hair: I am 65 and my mother 91 years old and she even wears sometimes a hairband, why not.

  9. Well said! I am over 40 and I wear hairbands and barettes that sparkle...sometimes both at the same time.



  10. lol...kis my ass VA, LOL....I love it. I'm over 50 and I wear flowers in my hair all the time both real and fake, and sometimes feathers, and other things. Who?is to tell me how to have fun or not with my own hair which takes years to grow for just this purpose? I have mermaid hair and I always will.....flowers and more flowers pleeze! :D:D:D

  11. I just love the rules some people think we should live by. When I was 21 a co worker told me that I was too old to wear my hair so long....gosh get a grip...I am 59 and still have my hair so who cares what some people think....love your post...

  12. I think that you are only as old as your hair ornament....wear them as long as you like.... if it pleases you and yaboo sucks to any who don't like them!! It's their problem not yours! Having got that out of my hair....Happy New Year to you and yours. Joan

  13. Maybe that is why the members of the Red hat Society banded together. :)

  14. Birds are incredible creatures - I am awed by the migratory journeys of thousands of miles that millions of these fragile creatures make not just once but twice every year. How do they know where to go? And wherever do they find the strength to cover those distances?
    American robins are different to English robins which are smaller and are among the birds that are around all through the year.

  15. Hah! I certainly won't stop wearing flowers in my hair! And I am 66 years old.

    Your comments on robins are pure poetry, I love visiting your blog


  16. Women at any age look beautiful with flowers in their hair!

  17. My curly, wild, unruly hair has been my signature for my entire life and I love it. At 51, I refuse to cut my hair and I never will. I wear headbands, barrettes, vintage hair pins and beautiful velvet flowers. People should do what makes them happy, you only live once.


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