Monday, December 17, 2012

Dessert cookbooks and baking

Still deeply saddened by Friday's senseless violence in Newtown, Connecticut… May the God of consolation touch their hearts and ease their pain. And thus, I have to empty my mind and bring it to a sunny spot for peace… I must.

I’ve been looking through some of my dessert cookbooks trying to figure out what I should bake for the holidays… Do you know what you’re making yet?

I love baking, do you? And I love going through page after page of photographs of dessert, and dessert cookbooks... so pretty, so yummy and some of them so easy to make!

I’ve been lucky to find some awesome dessert cookbooks at my local thrift stores… for just a few bucks. Love them!


And yummy!

I like to decorate my kitchen with cooksbooks; particularly dessert cookbooks.

Some photos are amazingly pretty.

And so I’ve been baking…

My version of personal mini apple pies. Yummy!

OK, you can tell this was my first ever making apple pies! Not so pretty looking, but super good.  I used Pillsbury ready-made pie dough and a can of canned apple pie filling...  eeeasy! ;)  Will have to keep practicing! ;)

What about you... have you been baking much?

Would love to hear about it... and see!


  1. Just to horribly sad I didn't see the news but my family had told me...Our world sadly is full of just craziness...We can only pray and try to do the best we can for everyone...God bless all of their families and you to dear Cielo...Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'm going to be making Lasagna at request on Christmas eve..and I'm not sure either what to bake other than Christmas cookies for the children to decorate...Love all your pretty photos and your apple pies...I'm thinking maybe I will make some hand apple pies for the children...Your sweet pies gave me and Idea...much love to you have a great week..with love Janice @

  2. I've been so sad over the senseless deaths too. I'm a pediatric nurse and have spent over 22 years trying to make life better for children.

    During the holidays we "sign up" for a day to bring food with co-workers. Yesterday one of my co-workers brought potato soup (made with hashbrowns it was very good). I made some dip and the girls were scraping the last of it out of the bowl. I also make a cream cheese pound cake to give to one of our techs as a Christmas gift. Everyone loves that cake. I'll post a picture of it and the recipe on my blog. I also tried a cookie dough cheese cake bar that everyone loved. It was good and I had no leftovers.
    I love to bake and I collect cookbooks. I found a simple cake recipe in Krafts cooking magazine. It uses a chocolate cake mix, cut into 4 layers. Frosting is cream cheese then melt cool whip and choco to pour over the top. Then shavings of white choc and dark choc on top. I'm going to make a few cookies, not a lot cause I've been trying to avoid that kind of food. I am going to make some Brownie mounds, Shortbread and my grand and I will make gingerbread cookies with cookie cutters a friend gave us a couple years ago. The friend died last year so we HAVE to make the cookies in memory of our sweet friend.

    I have a basket similar to yours with cookbooks in it. I think I should do a little decorating with some of my Christmasy books and decorations.

    I think your pies look great.

    Sorry so long.

  3. Renee... loved to hear all about your baking endeavors... thank you for sharing!



  4. The other evening I went to bed with the name "Laurie" on my mind. Very strong feelings. Don't know who you are, but just wanted to tell you angels are by your side...



  5. I want to make something pretty and special.we may get a snowstorm on Wednesday night. I would love to begin the holidays two days early. I cannot watch the news. I would force myself if it would do anyone one bit if good, but I will pray

  6. Jeg liker denne fantastiske innlegget. Det ser veldig elegant. Jeg elsket å høre alt om dine baking bestrebelser.


  7. LOVE your pretty petite cakelets, Cielo! And, your petticoat dishware, too! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy New Year, too.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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