Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This and that...

A most unexpected nippiness greeted me early this morning in the garden...
I immediately felt it —a prickling sensation down my spine, and instantly knew what it meant: The wheel of time turning again; seasons come and seasons go. And there I was, picking little shreds and patches of time in the midst of my garden. The hot blazing days of August crinkle and hiss and enfold us like a burning veil; and yet I can already detect the ancient face of Old Father Winter leaning against the horizon behind the far mountain to the West. He is laughing at me I know it.

And the sun—big and round and crimson as I have never seen before shines ruby upon fields of wheat and corn, and over busy roads on my way to work. Fire season, smoky, soupy air and a city that smells like a fireplace is what we’re living this summer. Rain, and the northwest winds are so much needed.

I am most grateful for our water system—sprinklers that keep the grass so green and the roses ever so supple. My little potting bench/garden rack had a makeover earlier this spring. The original top had to be removed due to weather-related damage—with all that snow and water and sunshine too.
Before we decided to change the top, I tried painting it in something fancy, like the Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paints. But boy was I deceived by fame! ;) It really looked terrible—like if it was covered up in some heavy duty duct tape instead of paint. So we finally took the top off and headed over to the Home Depot. I then chose this pretty light green paint this time.... so pleasing to the eye.
And thus, my little potting bench’s been looking lovely all through the summer with its sturdy new top—I hope capable of withstanding rough conditions?
Discovering new ‘surprises’ in the garden is one of my favorite pastime ever… each day is the same: I’d do the inspection—check each and every bush, each flower; each bloom; each spot of earth in my little world, and then delight in discovering what new surprises I can find there.
There’s always something knew… a new bud, a new shoot and new seedlings mysterious growing where is not suppose to or didn’t planted; or maybe it’s something that survived the dark winters of the year. Can you believe I have sunflowers again this year? And I didn’t even have to plant them! Sunflowers from last year’s seed that replanted themselves and one day, earlier this summer, seem to have appeared out of nowhere in my garden… so sweet!
Life is but a beautiful struggle, isn't it. Yes, it may well be, however, you never know where the next miracle is gonna come from, the next smile, the next wish come true... so alas, never stop dreaming.