Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The power of imagination

Oh, so nice of you to stop by. Do step inside. Come as you are. Come all. But oh do be careful where you step, or you may be too startled by the unexpected things you'll find here. Like what, you may ask... why, like hidden treasures and butterfly wings and dragonfly hair and magical gazing globes and and and... and all the magic you can expect, smothered in fairy dust...

And what did I tell you... Oh my goodness this spot is almost too much of a tease! Why, can you not see it? Is it really what I think it is? Oh yes, the fairies are taking a little tea break again...

A tea party under the giant elephant ears!

How fun... shall we join the fairies? Milk or lemon?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's see: Teacups, tea saucers, a tea pot, a tea party... Alice? But of course, Lewis Carroll’s literary nonsense, “Alice Adventures in Wonderland”! That's precisely what comes to mind.

Oh, I still remember the first time I read “Alice Adventures in Wonderland”. Funny, and strange, how one same thing can convey such an array of diverse feelings in people, don’t you think so? I mean, what was “Alice in Wonderland” to you back then when you read it for the first time? And what sorts of feelings did it stir in you? Did you love it, did you hate it? In your child’s mind, were you Alice? Or maybe did you decide you wanted to be the White Rabbit? Or Dodo, or Bill the Lizard; or even the Hatter? How did the story made you feel then? By the way, I detested the Hatter. I hated that he hated time. Murdering time it really is not a wise thing to do, is it? ;)

For some strange, inexplicably reason, I remember I didn’t care for Alice either; nor I wanted to be the Duchess or the Queen of Hearts or any of the, at times grotesque anthropomorphic creatures in the book… but oh, how very extraordinary and wonderful and remarkable the idea of falling down a rabbit hole… down down tumbling down into this astonishing imaginary world of my own where animals could talk and I could be my very own Alice, in my very own imaginary world. Daydreaming was a marvelous thing then, and it still is...

Imagination it surely is the most extraordinary thing. From that day on my dreams would almost always took the same trail where I'd stumble upon a rabbit hole and down I went straight into all sorts of wonderful and full of light imaginary worlds.

Just like the ‘real’ story, my dreams were also tales devoid of logic; and they played without reason and common sense and they were just as magical; and pure enchantment. I had never stopped dreaming since that day…

And still today… sometimes... I’m still spinning spinning...

Traveling in time; out in the cosmos... leaving behind the clearing where the Mad Hatter's tea party is taking place... behind is the Queen of Hearts and all the creatures of Wonderland… I’m out out of the garden’s gate into this other strange vast universe…

And again, there are times when dreams become reality and through the magical mirror I happen to be in the loveliest garden I’d ever seen... a real garden, with a real house and a real woman with real twinges and growing pains... still, I chose to see magic all around me!

Magic it really is all around us, and it always be, but our ability to perceive it depends on our willingness to reconnect to our joy and delight in the small things, and enhance our creativity by letting our inner child play! That’s the real secret to magic!

So alas, don't ever stop dreaming!

And hope and hope and hope some more...


  1. I Adored Alice In Wonderland from the very 1st time I was introduced to the Story as a Child... and the original Movie of it. My most poignant memory was the Pig Baby... where the Baby turns into a Pig. And my fav Character was the Cheshire Cat.

    Loving your Magically Alice Photography!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. this is a beautiful post like the story of alice a lot as a child but also as a an adult I wonder what my favorite is the catepillar with his who are you! thing so funny but also philosophie s very good! but the whole story is a little weird but has deeper things hidden in it but also like peter pan! thats a lovely story too have a lovely day leon10

  3. I just loved this... so pretty and magical. Very creative! Thanks for reminding me to dream and not let the mundaneness of life overtake my days.

  4. Such a beautiful post...you always make my day more magical...take care.

  5. What a wonderful magical post! Love it.

    Hugs, Jody

  6. Cielo: We all get bogged down with life's ordinary living. Everyone has it in them to live in fantasy once in awhile and you just took the time to remind us. Thank you. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. super, jak księżniczka z bajki:))))

  8. Hi Cielo!
    I Adored Alice In Wonderland .
    Bello post.Adoro pasar por tu blog.
    Besos amiga.

  9. Alice In Wonderland, I never have read it completely or watched the movie completely as well...I like the way she looked and the characters...but didn't really care for it all...a lovely post you always have inspiring thank you Ceilo wishing you a wonderful enchanting afternoon...with love Janice...

  10. I have just read Alice in wonderland again this spring, after many years. I still find it amazing. The movie is pretty great also. My favorite character is probably the cheshire cat...big fat grin:) I love the spirit of your blog and all of your photos. Thank you for sharing some of the everyday magic that you see.


  11. Love, love, love your whimsey...

    Gentle hugs,


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