Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer days in the garden

What kind of a day did you have today?

Café au lait at 7:00am...

Then it was work work clean cook work...

...and make the house in the roses sparkle before our guests arrived.

...spray painting more bottles in pastel colors. Love it!

We had a lovely little get-together party today in the garden with some friends who were visiting from CA, and then some more friends...

The scent wafting from the garden this afternoon was that of roses mingled with the taste of cheesy chile rellenos, ginger lemon cupcakes...

...and cakes with centers filled with strawberries topped with whipcream...

I forgot to take some pictures of my shortcakes after they were filled with fresh strawberries cut in small pieces and topped with whipcream, but they looked and tasted scrumptious... love my new Nordic Ware Shortcake Baskets pan!

And then flowers flowers... simple country jars decorated with lace and beads filled with carnations from Walmart in the loveliest of colors. Flowers make me so very happy! Wish I could have fresh flowers decorating my tables all year around...

I hope you had a lovely day yourself my friend... a day filled with the sweet gratitude of family and friends and lovely summer thoughts...


  1. I love the idea of spray painting bottles!

  2. Hello Cielo: You had a very pretty table set to greet your guests and the flowers from Walmart are really beautiful. I do love those softly painted bottles. Is it just pretty colored spray paint on the outside? Hope you enjoyed the weekend..Judy

  3. Oh how lovely, what a wonderful outdoor tablescape!

    Your roses are so beautiful!

  4. How beautiful! I think I will try the recipe! The red checkered tablecloth reminds me of my gramma!

  5. Just lovely and charming. :)

  6. Yes,thank you we had a lovely weekend with family and friends.
    I love the idea of spray painting your bottles. I love the colours
    I really like your frilled gingham table cloth too. So country. xxoo

  7. Hi Cielo - your pics are so wonderful! I loved to be your guest!!!
    We had also very nice days this we, with a lot of sun and staying in our garden (if you like, see on the 3 last posts)
    Have a great start on the week, hugs, Barbara

  8. What a lovely post! All of the pics are beautiful, but I love the vases in the last one... very effective. Happy crafting, Jenny

  9. It looks beautiful and your cakes are making me hungry, I think it must be breakfast time. :-)

  10. lovely as ususal I am sure your guests enjoyed your garden. I love fresh flowers and try to get them weekly through out the winter.

  11. Post is beautiful. Are you giving up Show Off your Cottage Monday? The Walmart flowers are beautiful, but your garden flowers put any others to shame! Shelia

  12. Beautiful post! Everything looks lovely!

  13. Judy... I just spray-painted my bottles on the outside... only on the outside. It’s so easy and I love the new Valspar’s pastel colors. The best part—no drippings. I love it. You can also use these spray paints on your garden pots, whether they're plastic, terracotta or enamelled. Whenever my plastic pots are starting to look a little scuffed and tired, I spray paint them; usually to reflect the color of the flowers in my garden, or tie them in with the color scheme of the accessories and furniture in my porch. The paint is tough and weatherproof - ideal for outdoor decorating.


  14. What a beautiful carnations on the table. It's all so lovely romantic.
    Have a nice day!

  15. All looks beautiful, calm and cool. Perfect for hanging out with friends!
    Hope you enjoyed yourselves!
    Saved any of that cake, perchance?

  16. Shelia... I'm not sponsoring Show Off Your Cottage Monday any longer. I've decided to blog from within my soul--which means, love what I do without obligations. But you're still welcome to come by anytime you wish... it's always a pleasure seeing you around.


  17. What a Pretty look! :D
    Nice blog!

    ( )

  18. What a beautiful Party, Cielo! And an even cuter recipient!! She sure looks like she was in Heaven!! How wonderful you are!! Just wanted to share this with you, Since I found you, way back when, I have been accumulating great little jars here and there and adorning them with lace, ribbons and pearls!! Just like so many I have seen here..Thank you for sharing that lovely simplicity that makes everything better!!! And, I agree, I would have flowers on every table, in every room year round if I could...
    Many Blessings be sent your way!


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