Monday, June 18, 2012

Little pretty things...

I woke up to my house filled with beautiful light this morning and I was inspired to take some photos...

Dried Amethyst roses from the garden...

My favorite white dinner plates ever... from the ROSCHER PAISLEY Collection and some roses in their lovely final stage...

I wish the sky would rain down roses, like when they rain off from their bushes on windy days... then all the valley would be pink and white and yellow and soft to tread on. And I will always have the loveliest of bouquets on my dinner table!

The palest of pinks... Bonica roses. Love love love it!

Here is yet another lovely bouquet of spent roses in crystal vase, that I'd forgotten to throw away. Aren't they pretty! From the bud to flowering to the petals starting to drop to dried roses left in their water in vases—I love each and every stage a rose goes through. Perfect flower with a perfect cycle for sure.

A single white rose arranged on a tarnished silver tray... love the combo.

Oh oh and I have to show you what I got the other day.... the loveliest of hair clip ever! From the Lilla Rose Product line.

THANK YOU Jackie... no more messy hair! ;)

Why not visit The Lilla Rose site right now and find yourself a jewel! Hair clips that look like jewels in your hair... lovely!

Oh wait... did I hear you say something? My imagination is running away with me. This is very strange, very strange... are you what? Say that again? Oh, you're inviting me to meet you where? Over at HOLLOW WOODS? OK then... when?


  1. Hi Cielo: Beautiful hair clip and you've got the pretty hair to use it in or on, which is right. Also, those Bonica roses are just beautiful..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. Oh - I love the hair clip- I wear one every day- I used to wear it down and loose but since I hit this ripe old age I pull it back off my face and let it pile to the back.

    Your photos of your roses are lovely-I love the idea of it raining roses. xo Diana

  3. So many beautiful roses, your house must smell so wonderful. :-)

    Your new hairclip is very pretty.

    Rachel x

  4. Gorgeous roses and peaceful bless me

  5. Oh my goodness, those roses are just breath-taking. Just beautiful!

  6. Bonica roses!!! how delightful... will see if I find some here in Chile.
    hugs dear

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