Friday, June 29, 2012

Bidding my last farewell to the month of June

We are surrounded—delimited by zillions of diminutive bodies-creatures of the atmosphere… invading the atmosphere; tailoring the air in intricate winged designs… minuscule bodies meandering the melody of the early evening air… zigzagging invisible paths.

And there are those tingle of spider webs made out of gold and thin air too. Spider webs that seem to twinkle and dance from the rooftops down to the garden’s floor when agitated by light...

It’s the enchantment of the summer evenings in the garden. And I am here—clinging to the magic of the moment; racing against time; racing against life itself wishing I could keep it all as is forevermore… hold this moment eternally. Just as is.

But alas… I must say goodbye to the last wave of the “month of enchantment” as it crashes along the flower beds of my garden. I know… the month of June lingers in many a heart. And we northern birds must bid our last farewell, until the wheel of time returns it back to the land again, and hopefully, we’ll be here to receive it and welcome it into our life once again.

I'm glad I am alive, to see and feel
The full deliciousness of this bright day,
That's like a heart with nothing to conceal...

(William Allingham, On a Forenoon of Spring)


  1. Hi Ceilo- Because we have been traveling I feel like I have been robbed of a portion of my summer at home. I, too, hope to enjoy many more June summers in my life. Blessings to you. xo Diana

    ps. I never turn my sound on except when I come here- your music soothes my soul.

  2. With the end of June comes my birthday... And Princess Diana had one in the first of July.... And yeah, before we know, the year is slipping away.... Into the next. I love. The autumn and winter but I miss the beautiful flow of summer beauty.... All seasons have a gift for us. But I definitely see why you love the summer with roses like yours.

  3. Hi Cielo! Your blog is so enchanting. I love how you sprinkle your posts with lovely poetry. Denise

  4. Good morning, Cielo! I wanted you to know that you and my extension your blog here have been such an inspiration to me and probably the reason I started my blog. Thank you so much! And yet, that still doesn't seem to say it all. So I tried to thank you on the post I wrote and the project I put up yesterday of my version of your white chair with the vase full of flowers. It will never be as lovely as yours, but there it is! Wishing you a very Blessed weekend,

  5. Cielo,
    What a beautiful post.Your flowers are so pretty.I can't believe this is our last day of June.Where did it go.Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Where did June go? We are already in the heat of July, weeks early. So what will July bring. What will you have to say about July?

  7. Where did June go? We are already in the heat of July, weeks early. So what will July bring. What will you have to say about July?

  8. Hello Dearest Cielo,
    Its been awhile I know.I've missed you romantic heart.Your gentle heart.June is gone,but July has its moments too! May God Bless your sweet self,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  9. Hello Cielo!

    ... And Welcome Summer!!! with ice creams, water melon all over the face and endless lemonade under the trees...

    Garden Chair


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