Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shoe confessions - in the garden

Because I live in a magical garden (oh I hope you do believe me!) where shoes are entirely superseded by a ‘shoeless’ attitude, some of you have been wondering if, perhaps sometimes I get to wear shoes at all. ;)

Well, you know me and you know how I adore the feeling of rich soil under my bare feet. There’s nothing more pleasant or, more magical to me, than the direct contact with nature and the life-force energy absorbed through the soles of my feet. Walking barefoot in my garden is like a hug to the earth—like when you physically hug someone you love. Besides, in my magical garden there is no poison ivy or prickers I should be aware of or care for. There are no poisonous spiders or snakes either, and thanks goodness no yucky ducky doggie poop either. You would have to pardon my aversion, but stepping on some nasty dog poop is be the ultimate eeeieghwee yuckiness to me… and, well no gloves are required either around here, unless I’m dealing with the roses, of course.

I am not afraid to let the grass tickle my tootsies and I’m not disgusted by mud. If you really pay attention to what’s under your feet you'll discover a new world; you’ll be aware of the earth bones; its unevenness and smoothness, and even its temperature. It is an amazing feeling. Thus, from May until August, it is a no-shoe outside or inside for me. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t wear shoes when required—in the garden, as well as outside the garden.

When I was younger I had a sort of a shoe fetish—sorts of an extreme love for shoes. I remember my dad counting all the shoes I had in my closet once—all 36 pairs of them. And that was without including the amount of boots and winter shoes I had. Phew! Yeah, I love shoes—or at least I used to. As I mature, I’m becoming more and more my true self. It has been a discovery too. Growing a particular fondest for the natural world and natural ways has been an uplifting experience. And thus, nowadays I'm barefoot if I can possibly be so. Still... I do wear shoes ;)

These shoes are my favorite. I wear them for work and everywhere else... can you not tell? They're so worn out! ;) But you know me... it won't be too long before I'd get tired and take them off, and if I happened to be in my garden when nobody is around, or looking, I would probably toss my skirt too... and that's that!

These cute platforms are my latest shoe possession.

I love how they look with my long flowing skirts and because they’re platform they’re really comfortable. If you love high heels but hate the pain, these are great!

These cute flats are great to run your daily errands. I like to wear them on Saturday Market days... they look so springy and chic; and so comfortable too!

And of course, you can have the most expensive designer dress or silk suit but if you don't have a pair of killer dress shoes to complete the look, you're missing the mark, right? Yeah!

... and what about some shiny red shoes!

Every woman needs some shiny red shoes, right!

...and of course, you should also own your own magical shoes too! Those would be my favorite silver high heels!

I love these shoes... I can’t tell exactly why, but when I wear them I feel like Cinderella in her beautiful ball gown. I say they're enbued with magical properties. They’re my talisman. I wear them almost on every special occasion. You can read more about them HERE. Oh goodness gracious me... I do hope the neighbors aren't looking down this way... what an spectacle I would be! ;)

One type of a shoe you’ll never see me wear in public (unless I’m working out, of course), are tennis shoes. Who invented these things anyway? If you ask me, they look like some type of an armor covering a woman’s feet—worse in a man, if you ask me. Worse if that man happens to be a very tall man with big feet. Have you notice? ;) Take a real look next time you see someone with really big feet wearing tennis shoes—particularly white tennis shoes and tell me if they don’t appear to you as if trapped inside some huge vessels; being rocked away back and forth as they walk. It’s hypnotic. ;)

But I hope I’m not offending anyone, because that’s just me and how I see things.

Have a great evening, everyone... and may you embrace the magic within! See you super soon!