Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The tale of the lost earring

I love junk jewelry and love wearing my earrings and necklaces wherever I go. Particularly lovely to me are jewelry that resembles shiny stars hanging from my ears and itty bitty flowers around my neck. They give me some sorts of a mystical status. At least, that’s the way I feel when I wear my magical earrings.

Of course, as you would imagine, these earrings are not really magical, but I just like to call them that because that’s how they make me feel inside every time I wear them—a sparkle of magic swirling all inside and around me!

The other day, as I was putting on my favorite earrings in my living room, one of them fell off from my hands. It should have been there—right there where I was standing… but it wasn’t!

I searched everywhere you can imagine—in me, around me, under me, the couch, under the couch, the couch cushions, between the chairs, but to no avail. After such unfruitful search, it occurred to me that maybe things were not exactly what we think they are, or see or believe to be, and perhaps the carpet under my feet wasn’t really a carpet… it was a shaggy monster! Ah yes, that had to be it!—a monster with an immense appetite for such futile a thing as an earring! So I decided I should search for my precious jewel again—this time, inside the monster, of course!

Quickly, and very careful as not to wake him up, I crawled in the monster’s mouth as gently as I could. It was a creepy place; dark and damp inside with all sorts of creatures crawling around. A place so precariously dark that the wrong movement or the slightest noise; even a sneeze might cause the monster to swallowed me in a blink! But I wasn’t going to stop now!

I searched between every tooth the monster had, around and under the ugly tongue and even dared look down at the long dark tunnel of his throat. Can you imagine how scared I was of fallen down that dark tunnel to whatever creepy things awaited down there? But still my earring was nowhere to be found. Disappeared. Gone. Nada!

Maybe, I had been mistaken all along; maybe I thought that my carpet was a hungry monster when in fact it was some sorts of an invisible hole on the ground; a cosmic hole if you may where things that fell through it would travel great distances through layers and layers of earth right to the outer space,

...and most probably my earring was now orbiting the earth along the tens of millions of bits of space junk accumulated by man…

I could see it clearly in my mind—like some strange star floating along defunct satellites, rockets and pieces of dismantled spacecrafts. Nothing I could do! Right?

In spite of everything, I’m still optimistic. I am! After all, the waste is out there, and who knows… perhaps, one day my earring will rain down on me? Oh I so hope so!

I just don’t want this magic to ever end… and who would? This dense buzz following us around; this sort of tickle in our being; this delightful enchantment of seeing what others can’t see and feel, and just because we were gifted with a child’s eye; feel and perceived our world through the eyes of a child… ah yes, can you see it not? A bluebird in every tree!

Yes, I know what some of you must be thinking; and it is true, sin and sin’s effects have made us a cruel world. But you can still see glimmers of hope in a sad world… God has given us the most incredible, unexplainable, inimitable existence in a kingdom beyond human imagination. The magic of God is all around us for us to witness and believe.