Sunday, February 19, 2012


I knew I’d acted on impulse the minute I saw this dresser being uploaded onto my truck the day I bought it. What was I thinking then?

Although the colors were definitely not my palette, I thought that maybe this dresser would look cute in my pink girly room... but then I ‘really’ noticed the bad painting job on it, the super bright blues and greens and hideously large pink knobs, and could not believed I had just bought that thing! ;)

You were all so gracious about complimenting my dresser when I first show it to you in a past Show Off Your Cottage Monday! But I knew what some of you were probably thinking... And I agreed! ;) All this time I had been making plans to improve this strange piece... I'm not too fond of bright colors; I like to keep my decorating color schemes quite simple. Too many colors overwhelm me and this dresser was really overwhelming me... So I opted for some new paint... a lovely combo of grays with a hint of blue in it, from Dutch Boy: Hurricane Cliffs and Ypsilanti Skies…

And got new knobs! Half the price at Hobby Lobby. And boy, what a nice difference just that made!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this color of lighter gray-bluish paint; as the name itself suggests, it's like a serene rain laden sky where somehow sunshine has escaped the gloominess and is peeking through the clouds. I like it so much, I kept painting some other stuff! Remember my pink chair here?

Well, now it's not pink any more!

I love how this new color has given the room a more serene atmosphere... now if I can only change the carpet for hardwood floors!

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