Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This and that and some silliness

I love that time of day when just for a fleeting moment night and day collide; when the slightest speck of light; dim, yet so indomitable, burst through the early gloom saturating the stillness. Shadows and light making brilliant specks on my dinning table; gold dust upon the earth—pre dawn; or early morning.

I have always been a morning child and even on those occasions when waking up early is not required, I still do. I would rather compromise a few hours of sleep, than miss the wee hours of morning to it. Are you like that too? Or are you more of a night person and prefer evenings?

The quiet house feels so peaceful in the early morning and requires only a print of sunshine for me to be carried away on the wings of floating dreams… If only I could capture the feeling in a bottle and savor it all day.

Memories of summer pasts echoes in the mind often; the face of a girl, warm rain and breezes; glittering sunlight on lush and green grasses wild with butterflies—my childhood days. Do you think of your childhood often? I live in the past a lot, and often find myself reliving past memories. I believe the past must be told or else it would be forever forgotten, alone with those with whom you shared it.

And then there’s that ‘other’ past that so intrigues me—the past I’d never lived, yet somehow it is there; somewhere in me. How many lives does one get to live? Wouldn’t it be nice if we can step back in time and live another life just for a little while? Sometimes I like to imagine I live in another era. I can see people of so many years ago, milling about. They’re dressed impeccably; the men in elegant coats and hats and the ladies in Edwardian petticoats and pristine gloves. The other day I wanted to turned myself into a woman of the past, so I grabbed a couple of my favorite scarves and run to my magical garden…

I closed my eyes and asked the fairies to please grant me my wish... there are numerous ways you can encourage the Fey to visit. Convince them of your sincerity; show enthusiasm for healing the planet and fairies will be glad to work with you, blessing you with their wisdom, laughter, joy and fairy magic too! And what do you know! They granted my wish!

I had so much fun walking into the Edwardian era! The only problem was women wore very tight corset and bodice; something I cannot and would not do... ever, never! How would I be able to breath, or move? Can you imagine the hour glass silhouette? Looser less fitted versions for me that's for sure! Guess I'd had been a peasant in my simple wide long skirts, if I lived in that era ;) What about you?

And did you know you can go back in time too? Yeap, through a computer program! ;) It's called BeFunky, and you can access it for free. Try antiquing your photographs by making them into some cool 'daguerreotype"... It’s so much fun!

And so this is winter. The days are short, every hour so fleeting I can barely stand it. By 3:50pm the slant of grayish yellowish light over the barren fields across from my office indicates me that the day is almost over. It is a race against time then; a race against darkness, because I so want to be able to get home and see my garden in daylight. I so miss it. It is hard to leave home when it’s dark and return to it when it’s already dark.

"Old times" never come back and I suppose it's just as well. What comes back is a new morning every day in the year, and that's better. George E. Woodberry