Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This and that...

Last night at midnight, I was up reading a book when suddenly I heard a strange rustling noise outside my window. I closed the book and waited very quietly; attentively to every noise outside the window, but all the sounds were the usual sounds and every shadow the usual shadow. Not too long after that the same noise again; I was sure I heard footsteps outside my window this time. Quietly, I peeked outside and what I saw made me gasp… A silhouette walking away from the window!! Ah yes, I’m sure someone was there… and I’m almost certain who was it too!

Is the Candy Witch coming to your house this year? Have you seen her wandering around in your neighborhood already? Oh, I hope you get all your Halloween candies soon! Witches are already desperate for sweets I can tell! Ah yes, we best be secretly on the lookout for witches, even as we pretend not to believe in them! ;)

The nights are getting really cool around here. I hadn't realized how cool until we decided to sleep in our favorite guess room on the second floor last night and almost froze to death… so I’ve been fluffing up the nest before the long winter with new covers and beddings.

I must say. My bed feels soft and floppy. The colors are very fresh and I love the cottage feel to it; it’s like sleeping in a patch of vintage roses in a charming English country garden. I don't much like muddy, earthy colors for my beddings. I like different shades of pale pink together. There are so many shades of pink, and they all look beautiful together, to me.

Twilight is coming earlier to the back yard these days...
It's very obvious. Fall is in the air.
Sometimes, when stars are twinkling and a new moon shines, there come times when folks are taken to another world by enchanted creatures... Ah yes, I’m certain of this because last night as I was getting ready to put on my nighties and go to bed, the strangest of things happened... I heard a whisper; the sound of little feet scurrying around... I saw the dimmed cerulean light of little wings in flight, and decided to follow it...

Oh but wait! Would you like to hear more? I don't have time to finish the story tonight, but if you'd like to read more, you can check out my e-book, Hollow Woods by clicking on the image below! For those of you who have already bought the book, you're welcome to download the new version now available… as I'm continuously adding new stories to it!

May the wonderful magical swirls of fall dance around you.