Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fleeting moments

Because this year summer was so late in arriving here, Nature is trying to make it up to us. And thus... summer has decided to stick around a little longer. Days are deliciously warm and sunny and clouds are rolling all over me like Paradise on a map.

It is so lovely here in the garden with weather that is neither in the scorching heat of summer nor in the prickly chills of autumn... it is just balmy days and it is the unruffled calm and imperturbable peace of the garden under perfectly balanced conditions... I am standing on a threshold between what was, and what will be. I dearly love this period of time. I want to hold these perfect moments in the palm of my hands, if I could, and retain them there for as long as ever...

I have this sort of a ritual that I faithfully follow every day without failing (I know that some of you like to do this too), it goes like this: Every day, at dusk, I go to the garden to bid the day farewell—that simple. I never forget to do this. Dusk is fleeting and beautiful and different each day. If I don't pay attention I will miss it... this day will never come back to me again; it was a gift given to me by my Creator, and I will never see it again the way it was presented to me today, so I must say my goodbyes as it slowly descents behind the horizon into yet another night.

Each moment, each hour, each day is different. They’re never the same. Things are never the same. If you think about it, we cannot occupy the same place in space at the same time; therefore, we coincide with people around us only once under the same time and place. Perhaps, if you live in a small town you might be able to coincide with that stranger twice on the same day at a different place, but even if you have a routine this is not the norm… The experience that touched us today won’t be the same tomorrow... each day must be appreciate it; each day lived to the fullest with open eyes and heart.

May you find peace within today. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities. May you share those gifts that you have received. May you be confident knowing you are a child of the Creator of this marvelous Universe. Let His presence settle into you.