Thursday, August 4, 2011

A special celebration...

I have to hurry… I can see the first shadows hovering over the garden; on the brink of the day they hang, they’re acquiring forms; strange mysterious shapes. Bird’s songs are but whispers; the vegetation withers. Ah yes, nightfall is upon us… and I still have so much to do!

Picking up flowers from the garden is a priority... but I must hurry!

From all the flowers collected, I made a very special bouquet…

White roses are her favorite… white roses and purple lupines are a lovely combination… I know she’ll like them!

I’m thinking I’ll make some buttermilk-cherry pastel and lemon-thyme bread, and I will make some exotic elixirs to accompany it—maybe some cinnamon spice punch with oranges and limes and some sparkling wine…

Oh yes, I want my little cottage to provide a warm sanctuary for her, a place where we can feel safely hidden away from the world and surrounded in comforts… so I’m bringing out all the pretty things... the plush down comforters and loads and loads of pillows for tonight…

You see, tonight it’s an extra special night! I’m having a mid-night feast. I’m celebrating a very special birthday tonight, right at the stroke of midnight!

But why at midnight? Well, you see tomorrow is the birthday of my dearest sister Lissette, and I want to be the first one to wish her an extra happy happy birthday. So the celebration would have to begin tonight when the clock strikes midnight!

She doesn't know she's coming, thought. You see, she lives very far from me and thus, she may not make it on time. Nevertheless, I’m still celebrating her arrival to my world one day, and I want to tell her how very fortunate I am to have her for a sister and my best friend… So in case she would not make it here, I’m calling upon my fairy friends to send her a very special delivery filled with magic. So here it goes:

Fireflies, Fairy Folk, a little magic carried by night breezes… through the trees through the clouds send some magic across the sky... and a happy happy birthday to Lissette!

Won't you wish Lissette a happy birthday too! I know she'll be thrilled!

Happy Birthday, sis!