Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the garden and some more... I’ve been stripping off grass by hand, hauling sacks after sacks of soil and gravel and bark... I’ve been planting and replanting, been scratched, bruised, sunburned and stung by wasps, but my heart is over beaming with joy... my job in the garden is done, at least for now it is... and maybe I can now sit and relax, and just enjoy the garden...

Ah, but can I ever just sit, relax and do nothing? Are you like me? Are you that type of a girl who would never stop working considering what she's doing is her passion?—something that drives you in the morning and afternoon, and even at night time? Time passes by so very fast when I’m working in the garden. I don’t consider it a chore; not at all… here there is no such thing as Monday blues and you rush to work like a kid going to an arcade... it's like a dream, the earth spins around you… are we ever able to feel the Earth spin? Can birds and other garden creature feel it spin too?

The new flowerbed I’ve been working on for the last few weeks have delightfully changed the view of what it was the least appealing side of my garden. We’ve even made our own little pond with rocks collected from the riverbed... all I need now is a garden mouse and a hedgehog and one or two dragonflies and a frog, and some newts too! ;) I’m so happy! I am now surrounded by a walled garden; secluded—green swathing the eye; and the sweetest, most delightful-looking place I could think of.

How still the morning is; and how lovely the garden! As I sit here I’m listening at the stillness. What is it saying? Can you hear the stillness talking to you too? The birds around me have bowed quiet too... they’re as still as all the rest of the garden. They aren’t even fluttering their wings; they’re sitting atop tree branches without stirring, looking at the garden; looking down at me in wonder.

I want to be here eternally; sitting here in the garden doing just this, thinking about these things, with this same warmth and same blue skies above me all year around. Not a thing to be changed; not even time... it is so precious—this very moments here in the summer garden.

Can I live here and forget my chores inside my little cottage?
Oh there are few things I must take care of in there... shall I then go work inside?
I’m thinking maybe I should go make me some tea out of the herbs growing in the hedges along the garden and see if that will make me get some magical powers so that I can command my broom to do all that work for me! You know, Bibbitty Bobbity Boo kinda stuff! Who would want to work inside on days like these? Certainly not me! Now that I just remembered, I should go check in Arabella’s box for that magical potion! Ah yes yes yes yes... that’s what I should do! You see, a while ago while in Hollow Woods a witch gave me some magical potion—a flask with potion so potent it can transform you into a bird, or a frog or even worse things if you’re not careful enough or forget to say the right words. But I’m sure this will do the trick, and I’ll have my broom do all the work for me in a zilch! Don’t worry, I now exactly what to do: First off, I’d shake the flask; then I will remove the lid from the flask. Turn the flask upside down over a slow fire and gently shake the flask so the potion would come out... as I do this, I would chant: “Rain, rain, come our way... fill the sky, soothe the land!” Ups!! Oh my oh my.... that’s not it, is it!! That’s the spell to bring rain!! And what are those words to make my broom do the work? Oh dear dear me, can you hear it? Ah yes, in the distance... the rumble of thunder as the storms weaves it's weary path! Best be off now lest I want to get socked! And who knows, I might be turning into a disgusting frog right this very moment! Do tell me... can you see me from where you are? Do I look anything like a frog to you? Gulp! ;)

What are you doing in your garden lately? Working too much too? Relaxing? Figuring out the language of birds? Do share your stories!