Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome back to another Show Off Your Cottage Monday in the merry month of July dear blogging friends and readers! It's high time for a cottage update here at the house in the roses I think. As you can see from my last few posts, I’ve been practically living day and night in the garden and have somewhat forgotten the inside of my house... so yes, it is time for some house love around here me thinks, and I'm so glad you decided to come by!
The House in the Roses

As we planned last week, this week is a Master Bedroom week, and thus that’s what we’re celebrating today! Wanna come inside with me? OK then!

We gave our master bedroom a little spring lift this year. We did two things... got a new comforter and pillows from the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target and added some new floral bed linen to soften up the whites… I love the happy combination of greens and blues and bright reds of the sheets; especially as everything else is white…
Love this window in every season
Little treasures from the garden
I love to see photographs of beautifully constructed “crumply rumply” beds. Do you like them too? The Rachel Ashwell’s types are my favorite. I love the abundant layers of linen beautifully rumpled and mushed, but for some inexplicably strange reason I would not allow that in my house ;) Yeap, an unmade bed gives me the creeps. Yes yes yes... I know! Weird me! ;) So I would never ever... ever, leave my bed or any other bed in my house for that matter unmade; not even for the purpose of attaining that homey feeling you want to see on a cold rainy day... ;) Ensuring every crinkle is smooth is like ensuring all my thoughts are in the proper place. ;) Must be a brainy thing I guess... The art is the same… The furniture is the same. But yet, those two simple changes offer a nice little pick me up.
The reading corner...
Placing a lamp in front of a mirror doubles the effect. Bunches of flowers also look twice as lovely when reflected....
Soaring temperatures and sunny skies around here; today the day began like a dream and is filled with the promise of wonderful things … on my kitchen table, some lovely dried roses I will be showing you soon… lovely pinks and the purest of whites… I like my roses dried just as much as like them fresh, and have a hard time tossing a perfect bouquet when they start to wither. So much to celebrate! What are you celebrating today?

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