Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The magic of sunshine

Sunshine makes me happy. Sunshine makes me think of butterflies and pink clouds and of girls in ruffles dancing in sunlight as sweet golden drops of sunshine plunk all around them making magical sparkly swirls... like when the fairies in Sleeping Beauty waved their magical wands and the world around them filled with sparkles the color of rainbows and magical sounds.

So when I’m in the kitchen and I see sunshine shinning through the windows on my big square table, my heart skips a happy bit...

The green lushness that creeps in from the garden through the windows makes it extra special... I can hardly describe how fantastic and how very wonderful is to look outside and be given this extraordinary vision of a garden swathed in lushness and greens, instead of the accustomed shriveled vision of our long heartrending winter days...

So, if anyone complains again it is too hot where they are, I will send the most annoying elf to tickle their toes at night. And that’ll be my revenge! ;)

It is super hot here too; yet I wouldn’t change a thing. It feels like a dream, it feels as if every tree in the garden one day began to move; branches moved apart and birds flew high into the air. Fascinated, I pushed back branches and underbrush and leapt over cold and snowy winter on the other side of the world and I am now standing barefooted and blinking on the other side. The green is wild and abundant and the hedgerows quiver and the leaves are warm.