Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain rain bless my friends' gardens

All of a sudden, it got really really windy this afternoon. Swish, swoosh—the sound of the wind put a spell on me. So I grabbed a blanket and went to sit on the porch to watch the leaves swirling and whirling in the garden.
The air smelled like sweet sugar cane and I could see the vanilla fragrance of the honeysuckle and lilacs dancing like ballerinas in the air. Moon flower petals were everywhere… garden fairies made head garlands with them.

Wind blowing through the trees, wind playing in the leaves turned my garden into a paradise of wonders. It was pure bliss! Rain makes me so happy! And I’m sure the garden loves it as much as I do! Right now, is so green and lush and so many wonderful amazing things are unfolding and happening before my eyes that I can hardly contain myself…

Oh there is so much here I want to show you, so many tales to tell, so much I want to share with you, but I know I would never be able to capture the true essence and beauty of what I’m seeing, and feeling, in words... I can only hope I can transmit some of this magic to you... So I’m bottling it up in a lovely blue glass bottle, an ancient turquoise color that looks like it belongs on the walls of an alchemist’s shop, and sending it your way via billowing blue-black clouds. Who knows... maybe you’ve been begging for some rain lately? Well, here you go!