Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Sunday

This is where my soul belongs. A garden serenaded by birds, the grass is clad in a new gorgeous gown; woven in life green, and leaves and blooms are budding and unfolding almost instantly before my very own eyes...
The transformation is almost unbelievable. My delphiniums are growing like crazy, gorgeous lilies are coming up as is the purple Salvia and the Shasta Daisy, Columbine, Japanese ferns, Hostas, Korean lilacs with their intoxicating perfume and Sweet Williams everywhere! My peonies are also coming up, and oh yes, there's my creeping Charlie peeking out from under the roses and Candytuft... greens on butterfly bushes and purple on Russian sage... and the roses... oh the roses!
I so love this little green space of mine; this ever present life energy of plants, water, birds and earth... I cannot have enough of it and I'm practically living here all day long. If I could, I would sleep here too... Nature surely has a way of lifting me up out of myself and into communion with my Creator. This feeling is the heart of my garden experience and the basis for all it's done here...
"If I keep a green bough in my heart the singing bird will come."
- Chinese proverb