Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend! - Can you hear it?

Ouch ouch ouch... I’m shoeless, the ground feels stiff with cold and frozen rain under my naked feet... it’s been raining all day long, and I shouldn’t be out here—not without my shoes anyways. But I saw this outside my window and had to come show you...

Tic tic tic.... can you hear the footsteps? A whisper; a heartbeat... yes, spring is approaching!

Have a super extraordinary weekend!

Oh oh by the way, early this morning while I was collecting wildflowers in Hollow Woods, I found a lost traveler.... I couldn’t imagine how she got there, so I followed her from a distance behind the trees, just to be sure. I think I might have scared her off, though... I promise I’ll be more careful when you show up! Enjoy!