Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My window to the world

This is my window—my blog—my magical window to the world. And so, I come here every day and sit in this mossy floor of words just to observe the world as it come to pass beyond this imaginary tattered sill. Here, through this window, I also let the world take a peek into my life... my life as it unfolds each day, and as I see it.

One of the things I’ve discovered through blogging is that every human being has a unique atmosphere about themselves that make them exceptional. This atmosphere or energy is passed into others unconsciously. We hardly notice that what we transmit, but others can certainly see it, or feel it. And you can convey and feel this atmosphere through all sources of channels. Even through your blog.

Some blogs (and their owners) emanate a peaceful glow. You feel better around them. Your energy and optimism increase. Others, well, not so. I love to hear what my readers have to say about this atmosphere, and I treasure (and devotedly keep) those incredible emails I receive from time to time of people who, although know nothing about myself, somehow feel connected and lightened by what they read and see here. One of those emails particularly touched me, because that's exactly how I feel about my blog... It reads:

“Your blog does not come across as a job, just a letter to a friend and that is a letter I look forward to. Thank you again. Debi Mann”.

A letter--I want my blog to be an open letter sent out straight from my heart to the world. I am so humbled by you all. So blessed I am by you.

And so... It’s been quite cold around here, but the sun was out for a while last Sunday. I cleaned and dusted my little nest until around mid-day, and then decided to take a stroll through the garden... which I hadn’t visited much throughout the quiet season.

It was cold, and windy... blustery, wind swept grasses and old dried leaves danced in liveless garden floors, but I kept walking; wrapped in my lace hair wrap—like a prayer shawl over by longings...

It is chaos here in the garden, snow and ice can add a great deal of beauty to the winter garden, but also a great deal of nostalgia...

I didn’t want to concentrate in the unattractive though, and decided to celebrate memories of that ‘what has been’ and that ‘what’s to come’—those lovely spring days, past and future. I was thinking of cut branches of pussy willow, forsythia, peach, plum, crabapple, and magnolia... how sweet when I can bring these treasures inside my home and make bouquets with them... how lovely my precious garden will look, graciously adorned with the variety of tulips and bulbs I planted last fall! I can hardly wait to see this symphony of colors... of yellow crocuses and primroses, and the early tulip and purple irises...

In March, there will be violets flowers too, the Miss Kim Lilacs and Lilac tree will start putting lovely buds and there will be earliest yellow daffodils and the white Daisy.... the ornamental Pear will be in blossom, and in April the lilies and peonies. In May and June Pinks of all sorts, specially the roses... roses of all kinds! Are you this crazy about spring too?

By the way, I'm totally in love with my new lace hair wrap. I found the most amazing selection of lace hair wraps on this website here. Chantilly lace, Alencon lace, Battenberg lace, Venetian lace! Which one is your favorite? Can you imagine living in the beautiful Victorian era? Walking the streets of the world in frilly, lacy, flowing clothing from the British Victorian era is one of my favorite dreams ever! The hair wrap you saw in my picture above is not really a hair wrap, but a scarf weaved in lace. I love scarves, and can never have enough. The minute I saw this one I knew I just had to bring it home with me! ;)

It is from Payless store, and it only cost me $12.99.

Are you ready for spring? Oh I am so ready!