Saturday, February 19, 2011


Have you ever felt so attracted to something (or someone) in a photograph that you almost feel foolish? Yes, I have experienced that kind of attraction. Ever since I discovered this photograph on the Internet of this house, located in Winedale, Texas, I haven’t been totally myself. I’ve been bewitched!
I dream with this house day and night, I see myself standing there in the middle of that yard out-looking the gardens and orchard twinkling with fruit. I can feel sunshine caressing my shoulders, a warm breeze in my face and hair. I turn around to face the house, and I see my children sitting in white rocking chairs in the balcony, engaged in happy conversation. I hear laughter, the laughter of children and grandchildren and I see my husband tending the old picket fence... I want to paint it white, but then again it looks just perfect in its imperfect way, and my heart is beaming with joy and family and sunshine and imperfect perfect picket fences in a imperfect, perfect life. Source: Garden Antics Vintage- click pic twice to enlarge to screen size)