Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Do angels visit your garden on cold winter nights? Ah yes, they do that sometimes!
It must have happened while I was asleep... if I knew they were coming, I would have stayed up, like a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve! I have no idea how they got here, or if in fact, you could have seen their shadow magically moving across the starlit sky. All I know is that when I woke up the other day, I received a gift... roses in a garden sprinkled with frosted sugar! Ah yes, it must have been the angels...

It's hard to believe how lovely my Trumpeter roses are; although dried by now, still holding their vivid summer colors after the amount of snow we have had! This is certainly a joyful sight for me... a vision of hope if you may!

You see, up here where we live, during the winter months our sun rises at about 8:30am, and sets at 4:45pm. When I leave home to go to work is dark, and when I return home is already dark. The sun starts its slow descent like a round apricot in the blue twilight before five o’clock. Early darkness shifts colors, and darkness bears down on us way too soon. So I only get to see my gardens on the weekends. What happens here during the week is sorts of a mystery to me. I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss my 'daylight' home and gardens. So discovering these colorful roses on Saturday was extra special to me! Serendipity, if you ask me, is a happy word. It's your big chance just waiting around the corner!

I like to believe I have an enchanted garden... odd things happen here all the time. On some summer evenings, a strange scent wafts down the air, like a phantom perfume... I have never been able to discover from just what flower it comes. It is elusive and haunting, wonderfully sweet, and just as magical as the shadows you see here on this picture, taken last summer... I like to fancy they're angels passing on a little visit through the garden.

Extraordinary winged friends come down to visit too! True! I had the most beautiful bird visit the garden this Sunday. Was it a hawk with blue feathers? I don’t know. Cooper's Hawks and Sharp-Shinned visit our garden often every winter. They look fairly similar, but this one was particularly lovely. Hauntingly beautiful and so majestic looking... unfortunately, my old camera broke and I need to get lenses for long distance for my new one; so I wasn’t able to get a picture of this lovely bird. Maybe he will come back again real soon? Oh I so hope so!

Ah yes, this is fairy land! We talk with angels, owls, and Marygolds! A little bit childish, perhaps? Certainly, but what would life be without a bit of magic to charm and enchant? Not much, if you ask me! ;) Remember: Magic is not a practice. It is a living, breathing web of positive attitudes together with a bit of faith. A "Serendipitous Attitude" if you may! A serendipitious attitude can cause good things to happen... just like magic! The magic comes into play when we realize our lighter approach to life can cause something good and unexpected to happen.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Update: Wednesday, 7:51 a.m.
Hi friends and hola amigos! Since some of you have emailed me asking me about these roses, I’d like to explain that these are NOT new blooms by any means. No roses could survive our winters here. These are roses from last summer that, for some inexplicable reason, have retained their deep gorgeous red color regardless the amount of snow we have had thus far in the season. The blooms are intact, the petals are intact, and although dried by now, these roses are like gems in the otherwise colorless winter garden. Truly a gift! It amazes me, and I have no explanation for it.