Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little Halloween silliness…

Autumn is my favorite season and, aside from Thanksgivings, Halloween is my favorite holiday, even though I’ve nothing to do with the paganism associated with it. I don’t really celebrate Halloween; nor do I decorate my house for it—not a little bit either!

You see, it’s not Halloween that what really thrills me... it’s the enchantment in the October air, the crispiness in the folds of the autumn nights! October certainly does something to my brain—and my body! Imagination hit the roof, and it gives me a broom and a ward upon my crooked nose...

Long ago and far away I had a great great great grandmother who was a witch... she was wanted by the authorities in Chester, in 1757, although she was from Wales. Wales was 500 years ahead of everyone else in accepting witches, and therefore she was never caught. Only three witches from Wales went to trial on that year, and that was at an English court in Chester. I lovingly keep, in my "drawer of memories", a very old document proof of it! I had some people telling me how much I look like this great great great grandmother of mine, only she had hair as dark as ravens...

Children’s enthusiasms are contagious you know, and I get spoiled by it, especially in October... I like to eat those gooey trick-or-treats, and believe I can ride upon a bushy broom before a full moon’s gleam.

My garden is usually the arena where my deliriums take place, and I have so much fun there too; especially at dusk, when the sky turns magically orange and wonderfully spooky! I’d hold a big, black cat and on my long and shaggy hair there’d be a pointed hat... crows as black as the darkest night would come along and I would hop upon a broom and ride the night wild and high...

Now that All Hollows Eve is fast approaching I am already feeling somewhat witchy... I need to know how to fly on brooms; I mean real brooms! Do you know how to do that? Please answer me as soon as possible because there are only few more days left to Halloween and I'm a very slow student... I suppose my great great great grandmother, as opposed to me who only tells stories to amuse myself, was not concern with such flights of fancy, but I am! Silly me!

Witches and ghosts and goblins are already trespassing and my garden is aglow with all the chant and caldron fires going on there... by the way, I hope the witchy music you hear doesn’t spook you away! ;)

Can you see them witches? Can you hear them chanting and dancing? I do! I do! Hoity-toity! Tweedledee... tweedledum! Lalala!”

Ah yes, the weather is certainly changing around here, leaves are already falling in my part of the world... the celebration of color and enchantment has started! I want to dance and sing and lift up my arms with pure glee beneath the open sky... like a willow dancing in autumn breeze! Are you this crazy about fall too?

Do you know of any Halloween parties going on around blogland? I have already participated here, and had a lot of fun in doing so, but my witchy self is ready for more fun. I can hardly wait to ride upon my bushy broom again!

Down the dark path we go... I can almost feel the spells and magic fluttering in the wind, while gentle whispers of autumn's secrets dance around my ears. We are here. This is October!!

ps: It never ceases to amaze me—this wonderful world of blogland, with so many amazingly good people, like YOU! My heartfelt gratitude for your kind words full of birthday wishes. I am really touched! For your thoughtfulness and gentle words, thank you sincerely!