Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.
The House in the Roses

Today, I’m celebrating my unpretentiously romantic bathroom...
In my wee little humble powder room, dreams flow as freely as when I’m in the garden... sometimes I like to dream of shiny marble countertops and floors, and beautiful mirrors and a large shower room fully tiled, and ah yes we must have a double shower with rainfall overhead shower heads that would give you the feeling of being outside in the rain... and I would have this and that... but really, my heart rejoices in the little things and I am grateful for what we have and love living in a home that makes me happy. I’m not talking about materialism; my home is certainly not luxurious. I’m talking about the happiness that arises from deep within the satisfied heart. There is a big difference.

So let’s just peek at what I have done in my bathroom, shall we?

I enjoy making little vignettes around my house often and change them out often too as I get tired of looking at things. A while ago I read that a tablescape or vignette should include a minimum of 3 items; flowers, candles, and books, and depending on where it is, a tray. That same magazine featured a lovely bathroom vignette where the main item was a tray... I was really inspired by it. So I went out on a hunt for a new tray to make a similar vignette...

All I had to do was add my own personal touches to it!
I bought the tray at a thrift store knowing I would paint it and make it more my style... I forgot to take a picture of the “before” look, but believe me it wasn’t as pretty as what you see here... I love the size and design on this large tray and often wonder why people would throw things away when they can spice them up instead. I love to find used item that with a little elbow grease can turn into like-new again!

Cost of this project? Cheap. All accessories are things I already had; including the paint. Flowers from the garden, and I got the tray for $3.00! Now that’s what I call happiness!

What are you celebrating? I'd love to hear about it...

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