Monday, July 26, 2010


I love rain and rainy days, but here in our highland climate rain is sporadic and unusual in summer. So I just have to enjoy and appreciate what I have....
Sprinklers! They’re a delightful note in the early morning, a daily celebration of shiny silvery drops... I do not want to miss a single cycle... It’s an enchanted time of day. Water pours forth like a rainbow against the sun’s shiny rays, playing on the lilies, making puddles among the tall gladiolus, which by the way, are deliciously starting to bloom in magical colors of carmine and soft lime green... I love the misty gray rainbow that water forms against the greenery of the garden, making it look somewhat obscure and mystical, almost sacred... this picture in particular reminds me of the garden with the famous "Bird Girl" statue at "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", although I like to think that my garden is a garden of good, and that has nothing to do with evil. Although each picture might look the same to you, if you look closely and pay attention to details you'll see that each water pattern is different and that no droplet is the same... each one has a proper name, and a personality all of their own... I love hearing the water making beautiful music, tapping on the roses, splattering on the windowpane... Magic lingers a little bit longer every morning after the sprinkler celebration ceases... the garden is swathed in tiny shinny stars, and wet grasses whisper softly as they sway and lean against each other under the morning sun....
I tell you, it’s pure bliss walking on this deliciously wet green floor covering of grass and flowers!
What delightful things have you experienced or enjoyed lately?


  1. I don't think I ever thought about sprinklers this way before. It makes me want to get up early tomorrow and turn one on.
    Your garden is just beautiful! I love all the colors.

  2. Hi Cielo... Your garden is pure enchantment! Ever since I was a kid I loved the sound of the rainbird sprinkler on a summers day. I love to walk in the graden when it is fresh and damp and cool, the fragrance all pushed down... it is a true time of magic:-)

  3. I adore your garden. It is so gorgeous. Your hollyhocks are divine!:-)

  4. Just refreshingly beautiful~

  5. I can see myself walking through the sprinkled gardens in my bare feet in the early morning!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  6. Lovely post, once again!

    Can you tell me where you are? I thought you were on PEI in Canada, but are you elsewhere?

  7. Hello!
    Let me ask you ... you live in paradise?
    I'm exactly 2:22 pm to enchant me with your blog.
    everything is so wonderful!
    From where you strip things so beautiful?
    things you write are beautiful ...!
    I have no words to describe such beauty.
    so long ... I'm your fan, you can be sure


  8. Hi Cielo,
    Just as lovely as can be! I also enjoy the rain and the sprinklers. Our sprinklers have been going on 3 times a day. WE just had 2,200 sq ft of grass laid in our front yard..
    (I'm frightened to see the water bill)LOL.
    Your photos are a delight to see. So very pretty!
    Have a sweet day, Hugs~Elizabeth

  9. So sparkling and lovely!!

    I love to have a gleam in the grass catch my eye and a closer look shows it to be a water droplet that is shining in one of the rainbow colors. A nearby droplet shows a different color. Yesterday in the garden, one was gold and the other was green!



  10. Your garden is GORGEOUS! I'm a huge fan of your'sw simply lovely!!!! How do you get the little lights to fall in the background of your blog?
    Thanks, Rhonda

  11. At the exact moment I was looking at your beautiful garden and reading your lovely words it started to rain where I’m at. Every afternoon we are getting rain. I love the rain, every thing outside looks so refresh and green,
    with the exception that my garden is not as colorful as yours. Is too hot down here, but what few flowers I have I am sure they are grateful for the rain.

  12. You have such a beautiful garden and you tell a wonderful story about the simpliest of things...I just love reading your posts!!!

  13. Lovely post and images, as always.

  14. Your garden is so beautiful...and I love all the color. I would have been in heaven taking photos of all the beautiful flowers :) :) :) I love water...and sprinklers are fun..and I think they added a touch of magic to the photos ;)

    Finding ways to add simple beauty to my home has made me very happy this week...that and learning that adding a touch of whimsy and magic are also very useful when decorating a home :) :) :) thanks for letting me visit your garden today!!!

    have a lovely week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  15. QQue jardin mas bonito,felicidades,un saludo

  16. què belleza de jardín, Cielo... parece que ahora todo està en plena floración... se ve tan bello. Amo las malvas rosas (hollyhocks) y yo tengo de las mismas, esas dobles maravillosas!!!!
    En mi jardín en verano los sprinklers
    funcionan 3 veces al día, hace mucho calor!!!!

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