Monday, May 17, 2010

In a new light

In May, the house in the roses feels light and airy, and decorating becomes a personal expression of spring. I like to refresh my rooms with pretty hues, set out my loveliest objects and see anew what a difference a season can make... I particularly like my favorite window in May. I simply love what I see beyond it... The garden grows more colorful and lush by the day, and there is this magical wonderful brilliancy and luster to light, that fascinate me.
My little world is bath in what I like to call "magical dust" of soft snow made of white and pink petals.... petals from the flowering trees, as they drift from the sky to lay ever so gently on the green grass... this is the time of the cherry blossoms...
Time for birds... they're everywhere in the garden. The American Goldfinches are getting their yellow feathers back, and you can see and hear the haunting call of the mourning dove filling the air, as the dawn reaches rosy fingers up the eastern sky.
Baby birds have already hatched; you can hear their little wee voices chirping, tweeting, and peeping everywhere... from the nest built by a little house sparrow on the flower urn by our front entrance, to...

...the nest built among the thorns of my Sally Holmes climbing rose, babies are everywhere, while busy mothers hurry in the wings of winds finding food for their hungry hatchling... Wouldn’t it be magical to open your eyes to this new wonderful world of ours and already be surrounded by roses?
Mourning doves are mainly ground feeders, and they love the new birdbath I designed just for them...

Mr. Froggy here is happy to share his pond with them... they seem to love it!
Oh yes, spring has finally sprung in my little world... and I’m so loving it!