Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Is no secret... sometimes I can’t seem to remember who I am, or where I am. Is very simple, and it can happen to you too if you let your imagination fly far and wide. You suddenly wake up, and find yourself magically transported to some amazing land. You won’t even need a willowroot magic wand to be transported. All you have to do is climb the magical stairs of imagination....

I'm in a place visited by bizarre inhabitants, teeming with unicorns and elves: The deep mysterious wood surrounding the Hallow, that's what is called. If you don’t know it yet, the Hallow is an enchanting small village somewhere in Dreamland; a place filled with magic, where I have the most delicious time playing games, gathering bouquets, picking apples, and dreaming in huge magical cherry trees...

One might think that I have an obsession with the Alice of Lewis Carroll, but this isn't true. You'll not find a Mad Hatter or a white rabbit no matter how hard you look, in any of my dreams! The lure of the land and the redheaded orphan with a scope for imagination by the name of Anne Shirley are much more my sweet cup of tea. You must understand, there are no limits to fantasy here in the garden. You simply have to go by your own code of rules and beliefs based on fancy; capricious, whimsical fancies of the imagination...

The last time I sat here, in this same spot you're seeing now, Berbegazi came to visit from his frozen underground dungeon. Is you don't remember him, or never ever have seen him before (and I hope you haven't), he's a troll as bleak as snow and as rigid as ice. Berbegazi is his name, and he inhabits tunnel and burrows in arctic tundra and snowed mountain peaks, but sometimes he chooses lovely gardens to dwell.

But that was back when all the snows of the world seem to have accumulated here. Berbegazi is now hibernating, and this morning is particularly beautiful, and warm. The sky has the bluest tint to it, and the purest balmy air is bringing in myriads of tiny butterflies to the garden. Butterflies that look like magical little flying flowers as they flutter and dance above the snow balls, lupines and smiling pansies.
You can tell the birds welcome warmth with the same joyfulness I do. They’re happy little souls, you can hear them singing, see them fleeting the skies or scurrying among green branches without an apparent worry. One would almost think that birds have ideals and values which they’re trying to live up to, even if they never quite succeed... Life would be a sad place without them. With them it’s grand and great...
Did you know that fairies abound in this place? Look at them very closely, and tell me if you see flowers or fairies dancing in the sunlight... See what I mean?

Like Anne Shirley would say: "Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me glad to be alive – it’s such an interesting world. It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There’d be no scope for imagination then, would there?" But am I talking too much?

These are called columbine flowers, and their dainty fairy-like blooms held high above delicate foliage, nod and dance in the breeze. Surely one of the top reasons why I love coming here must be the fairies, the color bursts of flowers, the exotic fragrances of leaves, the hypnotic effect of arching stems swaying in the wind, the singing of the trees as gentle breezes rattle their leaves, and of course, the intriguing columbines...
I like to give columbine exotic names like “Joyful Adelfa”, “Fairy Mist”, “Yellow Luna”, and “Colorida Almida”. As I gazed at them floating and dancing above the surrounding vegetation I know why they always have been inspiration for the notion of woodland fairies. Oh yes, I see fairies in my garden. Can you see them too? They’re dancing in the sunshine with wreaths of columbines and foxglove wands in their hands.

I told you... is pure magic here.... I walk through my garden just like Anne of Green Gables walked through Violet Vale on her way to school, with reverent steps and worshipping eyes, as if I trod on holy ground. What can I say? I love my garden, and when I am here is like being in Paradise. My own delicious little Paradise!
Have a great day everyone, and don't forget to dream in your garden!

Monday, May 17, 2010

In a new light

In May, the house in the roses feels light and airy, and decorating becomes a personal expression of spring. I like to refresh my rooms with pretty hues, set out my loveliest objects and see anew what a difference a season can make... I particularly like my favorite window in May. I simply love what I see beyond it... The garden grows more colorful and lush by the day, and there is this magical wonderful brilliancy and luster to light, that fascinate me.
My little world is bath in what I like to call "magical dust" of soft snow made of white and pink petals.... petals from the flowering trees, as they drift from the sky to lay ever so gently on the green grass... this is the time of the cherry blossoms...
Time for birds... they're everywhere in the garden. The American Goldfinches are getting their yellow feathers back, and you can see and hear the haunting call of the mourning dove filling the air, as the dawn reaches rosy fingers up the eastern sky.
Baby birds have already hatched; you can hear their little wee voices chirping, tweeting, and peeping everywhere... from the nest built by a little house sparrow on the flower urn by our front entrance, to...

...the nest built among the thorns of my Sally Holmes climbing rose, babies are everywhere, while busy mothers hurry in the wings of winds finding food for their hungry hatchling... Wouldn’t it be magical to open your eyes to this new wonderful world of ours and already be surrounded by roses?
Mourning doves are mainly ground feeders, and they love the new birdbath I designed just for them...

Mr. Froggy here is happy to share his pond with them... they seem to love it!
Oh yes, spring has finally sprung in my little world... and I’m so loving it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My kitchen

What's the most popular room in your house?

Without a shadow of doubt, that will have to be the kitchen for us!

Our kitchen is where we start the day with juice and toast, and on Sundays my favorite bowls steaming hot with café con leche on the table, French bread and mermelada de naranja or strawberry preserves.

In our house we love our bread... what would we do without it? No bread means no morning delight. No bread means no French toast. No bread means no breaded anything. Bread is the foundation for blessed goodness like turkey stuffing, eggs Benedict and meatloaf. If it's true that man can’t live on bread alone, also true is that the house in the roses cannot live without it!

Our kitchen is a Magic place, where yummy food adds joy to life, and it is also the place where we catch up with each other and talk about the occurrences of our day while making dinner...

Sometimes, it is also a playground for my fantasies whenever I'm alone... a place for dress-up plays and royal princess parties with a touch of Victorian elegance...

It’s also the place where everyone gravitates during parties and get-togethers. We head to the kitchen when we’re hungry, not just for food, but for friends and family.....

...and it is the place where we unwind at night with a cup of tea.

...or indulge in something out of the oven yummy, like this Salvadorian Quesadilla we made late last night while watching a movie...

When I'm old and gray, I want to have a house surrounded by a beautiful garden in the outskirt of the woods. And write. With a lot of wonderful friends, good books, music and bird songs around, and a gorgeous cottage kitchen to cook and live in.

What about you? What’s the most popular room in your house?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Victorian Tea Party!! Victorian Tea Party!!

Welcome to The House in the Roses! Prepare yourselves for a fun filled day at our Victorian Tea Party!

The simple act of lifting a pretty teapot and pouring a cup of hot tea, or coffee, sets time apart form the rest of your day, bringing pleasurable moments of peaceful delight. And sometimes, when a friend joins you, taking time for enjoying your pretty teacups becomes a special occasion.

Tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapours which the head invade And keeps that palace of the soul serene. - Edmund Waller, "Of Tea"

Dear friends, the day of our party is finally here! Tables are set, food is ready, and people from all over the world are starting to gather around the garden. Please do come in! The house in the roses is delighted to present the latest collection of fine tea ware in cyberspace! Made by all of us, with love. Here they are! Enjoy!

Teacups from Sandy, at Teacup lane

Teacups from Terry, at My antique attic

Teacups from Pat, at The unfinished flower

Teacups from Adribel, in Argentina, at Azúcar marrón
Teacups from Kiki, at Awaken with charm and spirit
Teacups from Natasha, at Five minutes just for me
Teacups from Bella's rose cottage
Teacups from Ginger, at Bearbits
Teacups from Marina, in Argentina , at Only cute things

Teacups from my friend Joana in Brazil, at Inspirações da Jô Teacup from Ldy~Dy, at Roses, cake and pearls Teacup from Princesa Nadie, in Spain, at Princesa Nadie Teacups from Aliisa, in Finland, at Villa Laurila Teacup from Sandra, at The veranda house

Teacup from Melanie, at The old white cottage

Teacups from Fleur, in Netherlands, at In de polder

Teacup from Christi, at Charm and grace cottage

Teacup from Jill, at Bella Rosa antiques

Teacup from The Tablescaper
Teacup from Sherry, at The charm of home

Teacup from Elizabeth, at French village life Teacup from Judith, at Lavender cottage Teacup from Eileen, at Umma's world

Teacup from BJ, at Sweet nothings

Teacup from Shelia, at Note Songs

Teacup from Janet, at Shabby fufu

Teacups from Vintage and cake

Teacup from Kimberly, at Greetings from Kimberly

Teacup from Carolyn, at Aiken house and gardens

Teacup from Fitty, at Fitty's pinky rose cottage

Teacup from Joy, at Books and Life

Teacups from Maryellen in rainy Melbourne, Australia. Maryellen doesn't have a blog, but she wanted to share her lovely teacup collection with us, and I'm so happy she did! Wish is your favorite?

Tecup from Michelle, at Rosebud quilting

Teacup from Cindy, at Cute pink stuff

Teacup from Willow, at My irish cottage home

Teacups from Ann-Marie. Ann-Marie doesn't have a blog, but she's kindly sharing her lovely teacups with us. Teacups from Debbie, at Debbie-Dabble

Teacup from Jeannette, at Counting Our Blessings

Teacups from Gayla, at Oatmeal and whimsy

Teacup from Charo, in Peru, at Atelier de Charo

Teacups from Martha, at Martha's favorites Teacups from Jeanne, at Backyard neighbor

Teacups from Kim, at Monkey bussiness

Teacups from Kathy, at Spot on Cedar Pond

Teacups from Lorena, at Rose chic friends

Teacups from Heloisa , in Brazil, at eu e você

Teacups from Claire, in Canada, at This artistic life

Teacups from Jacoba, in The Netherland, at Les trois jardin

Teacups from Terri, at Artful affirmations
Teacups from Olivia, at Shabby chic treasures

Teacups from Christine, at Christine home and travel adventures

A huge THANK YOU to all and every participant! I am honored and heartened by the reception that our “Victorian Tea Party” has received from teacups and tea lovers from all parts of the world. You all make my heart sing! And oh, have I told you lately how very special you all are, and how much delight you bring to the house in the roses? Well, now I am!

I hope you all had a blessed and happy Mother's Day!

Ps: Due to the party, we won't be featuring our weekly "Show Off Your Cottage Monday", but we will be back next week with another lovely presentation, you would not want to miss! ---------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Dear friends of The house in the roses, I am sorry we were unable to add any of the many “late” photographs sent after our party post was up and running. Our computer was erratically moving things around, and I feared losing the precious photographs and data already established, but I’m including an "Inlinks" here just in case you still like to participate. If you do, please make sure to link back to the party, here at “The house in the roses”. I am also linking our party post to tea memes and tea divas, as following: Lady Katherine tea parlor Rose Chintz Cottage The plumed pen Martha's favorites Artful affirmations