Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Shopping for a square tablecloth for my big square diner table is not easy...

I guess I must be one of the few people in the world with a love for square tables, because square tablecloths are hard to find... the only tablecloth my table had seen for the last four years is a shower curtain, wish by the way, I'm very thankful for... also, have you notice how difficult it is to find a round tablecloth longer, or larger than 70”? They just don’t make them longer enough, so it seems. They’d have to be ordered, and they cost a fortune.

I’m so thankful there are thrift stores! I can always find what I need there. Like this pretty (and long enough) square tablecloth I found the other day! My thanks to whoever made it so that one day it would sprinkle my table with color and charm!

By the way, did you notice my new Rosanna set of 4 spring dessert plates? Lovely, aren't they! Even the sweet little box where they came in, is just too pretty! Now I want another set so that every sit in my big square table would have a pretty dessert plate on it.. oh, I'm starting to feel so annoyed by Ms. Spring. She is way too slow for my taste, you know! Always late arriving here. Do you feel the same way? I can hardly wait for spring to arrive so I can set up my first spring table outside!

In the mean time, while we wait for spring to arrive, we can always visit Susan, at Between naps on the porch for more lovely tables. Have fun embellishing yours!