Friday, February 5, 2010


A northwestern wind must have escaped its frontiers, because last night I heard it whistling along the roofs and chimneys, swirling and spouting... It was the wolf in the fairy story who said he'd huff and he'd puff, and he'd blow in the house where the little pig lived; yet last night his humor was less savage—almost comforting.

Then this morning we are lashed by wind and an almost warm rain.... going for coffee before coming to work with the rain blowing in our face and slashing on us, was another fairytale; a romantic fairytale... down below the darkened street I could hear the rain gnomes, fairies and goblins laughing, as they danced under the rain. Apparently, they’d decided to join the wind out already with his mischief.

When the wind rattles at this season, it’s the paffs and puffs of his mischievous mouth trying to blow us away. If a tree is overthrown, it is his jest. Tomorrow we shall find the sun shining once again, but today it’s a rainy day.... rain, and its lovely promise.... Oh how I love rainy days!