Sunday, January 24, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Delicious window… I love to see my World through you….

...Winter is at your feet... the loneliness of it and silent garden wonder what’s beyond your white tattered sill.

I love to savor winter through this window, winter is all about cozying up in your favorite chair with a good book; it’s about rainy misty morning and longer, quiet stretches when you can savor special moments to yourself. Sitting here, by this window I've decided enchanted I step back in time and into another world every time I want. This is my daydream throne, the place where I dream about the future and reminisce the year that went by as I anticipate and get ready to welcome another spring…

From this very chair I also dream and anticipate my next visits to thrift stores and yard sales where I will surely find yet another lovely orphaned teacups to add to my collection...

Nothing makes us swoon like a teacup and saucer set, doesn’t it! And mines keep multiplying, it seems.

The endless combination of colors, design, and shapes enchant my eyes and spark the imagination to wonder who might have sipped from the same teacup I’m holding in my hand today.

The tecup I'm holding in my hand is waiting to reveal itself, to share its story. The orphaned teacup waits. I wonder who shared her secrets before me, what was her story, the story weaved in minutes, in hours, in a lifetime... All of us have our own story to tell, we're thread-barren in parts and torn, is it not the beauty of the soul?

And so, today I'm celebrating the simple things in my life that comfort the soul and give warmth to sustain my cold rainy days. What blessings are you celebrating today around your home?

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